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Frequently Asked Questions

Current Variant

Why are we still concerned about COVID-19?
The current COVID variant in Florida, BA.5, is highly transmissible and widespread. Incidences of COVID in our county are currently rising and many individuals are quite ill.

Orange County and Rollins College participate in the National Wastewater Surveillance System, which is currently the best indicator of the prevalence of COVID in our county and on campus.

I already had COVID, why do I need to be concerned about this new variant?
The current variant can readily slip by your immune system and reinfect you.

I'm vaccinated, so I don't need to worry, right?
Vaccines reduce hospitalizations and death, but you can still contract COVID and share it with others.

Will Rollins have a COVID dashboard when classes begin?
Yes, the dashboard will be available and regularly updated starting Monday, August 22.