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Frequently Asked Questions

Fall 2020 Q&A

In early September, we asked students for their biggest questions about the fall 2020 semester and got answers from all across campus.

2020-21 Academic Year

What if I am a faculty or staff member traveling internationally?
All members of the Rollins community need to incorporate the College’s plans into their travel plans. This includes completing the International Travel Form by January 5. Complete the CDC required 7-day quarantine, attend work (or classes) virtually, and undergo a COVID-19 test at a local testing facility.
Faculty and staff should work with their supervisor or department chair to determine their work-from-home plan.

If I am a faculty or staff member, can I get tested on campus in January?
We encourage all faculty and staff to get tested off-campus until the end of January, so we can focus on testing residential students within a short time frame.

What does a pre-arrival quarantine mean?
A 14-day quarantine means staying at home, avoiding non-essential activities (not attending group events, only leaving home for medical reasons). This is one more public health prevention to decrease the spread of COVID-19.
What if I am an international student but am staying locally with a friend?
We request that you follow CDC guidance and the College’s plans to decrease the spread of COVID-19. Upon your first 7 days to your home or residential room, avoid all non-essential activities for a 7 day period.
Is attending class in-person an essential activity?
Yes. Based on State of Florida and Orange County Health Department guidelines of essential vs. non-essential, attending class in person (for domestic travelers) is an essential activity.
How do I schedule a COVID-19 test at the Wellness Center?
The Wellness Center will email all residential students a sign-up link to schedule their COVID-19 test. Appointments will begin on January 19 and continue through January 27. We recommend that commuter and off-campus students contact the Wellness Center to be tested.

When did the 2020-21 academic year begin and when does it end? 
The first day of the fall term for students in the College of Liberal Arts and the Hamilton Holt School was September 14. The last day of finals will be December 18. We will not have a traditional fall break in October and will celebrate Thanksgiving Day and the day after as a break. We ask that our residential students stay on campus as much as possible and are welcome to do so over the Thanksgiving holiday. Our faculty have contingency plans for both on-campus and online completion. We are looking at risk assessment and factors for COVID-19, and how we will pivot if needed. 

Our spring semester will be similar to the fall, with multiple modalities of teaching and learning available. Students will be able to register knowing which courses will be offered as fully in-person, hybrid, or fully virtual. Students will have the option of being an in-person or virtual learner. Students who elect fully remote learning may be eligible for a grant. Once you complete the form, the Financial Aid Office will respond to you within three business days of your specific financial circumstances.

What is the schedule for the spring term? 
Classes will begin on January 19, 2021 and will end on May 4. There are two no-class days during the spring semester on February 19 and March 16. Final exams will take place on April 29-30 and May 3-4.

I’m a student employee. Should I report to my position when I return? 
Student employees with jobs on campus should report to work as planned. For further specifications, please contact your supervisor. 

Are any athletic facilities open during this time? 
All athletic facilities are closed until February 1. 

Will student athletes be able to perform individual workouts at facilities? 
No, not prior to February 1. 

Will there be team related practices, trainings, meetings with coaches? 
No, unless held virtually. 

Can student-athletes receive medical care or coordinate medical clearance through Athletic Training staff? 
Only on a case-by-case basis, through appointment. Not all treatments and amenities will be available. 

Will there be competitive sports seasons? 
Competitive sports seasons are still being discussed. No definitive decisions have been made. 

Is Olin Library open? 
The Olin Library will be open out of consideration for commuter students with contiguous in-person and virtual classes or a telemedicine appointment. 

Will the College have Spring Break? 
For CLA and Holt students, we are eliminating Spring Break from our calendar to mitigate the influx of COVID-19 into our community that might result from a traditional break. On December 8, the College updated the spring academic calendar and add in two no-class days on February 19 and March 16. Classes will end on May 4.

Will Maymester take place? 
Maymester will begin May 10. Courses will be offered in different modalities – in-person, hybrid, and virtual – as determined by the instructors learning goals and optimal pedagogical approach. Separate housing and tuition costs apply. For more information, contact the Residential Life & Explorations office. 

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