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Frequently Asked Questions

Fall 2020

When will the 2020-21 academic year begin and end?
The first day of classes for students in the College of Liberal Arts and the Hamilton Holt School is September 14. The last day of finals will be December 18. We will not have a traditional fall break in October and will celebrate Thanksgiving Day and the day after as a break. We ask that our residential students stay on campus as much as possible and are welcome to do so over the Thanksgiving holiday. Our faculty have contingency plans for both on-campus and online completion. We are looking at risk assessment and factors for COVID-19, and how we will pivot if needed.

Why was this “single occupancy model” change made?
With the continued spread of COVID-19 nationally, and the concerning conditions that remain in Central Florida, we have decided to adapt our plan, following CDC guidance, to lower risk involved with on-campus housing. We will shift to a single-room residential model for all CLA students. De-densifying halls will allow us to offer socially distanced spaces while maintaining the liberal arts experience.

In the single occupancy model, what will the new housing rates be?
Students will be charged the double rate, with the exception of Lakeside Neighborhood and Sutton Apartments. Please see below for the Fall 2020 housing rates:

  • Traditional double room rate (excluding Lakeside Neighborhood and Sutton Apartments): $4,625
  • Lakeside Neighborhood double rate: $5,750
  • Lakeside Neighborhood single rate: $6,250
  • Sutton Apartment double rate: $4,875
  • Sutton Apartment single rate: $6,250

In the single occupancy model, how are meal plans affected?
In an effort to also de-densify the dining halls, we are waiving meal plan requirements for students in Lakeside Neighborhood and Sutton Apartments for the fall semester. All other housing types will still have the traditional meal plan requirements. For a full breakdown of 2020-21 meal plans, visit the Residential Life & Explorations website.

Will students who are in a Rollins College Conference (RCC) be housed with their RCC cohort?
Residential Life & Explorations will make every effort to house RCC’s collectively within the new housing assignments. However, similar to the typical process, we cannot guarantee that you will be placed with your RCC classmates, as it is based on availability.

What about Fraternity & Sorority Life organizations?
There will not be traditional organizational housing for the fall 2020 semester, but we are committed to continuing to facilitate student organization meetings virtually or in spaces that enable physical distancing. Student groups should check with their staff/faculty advisor for further guidance and available spaces.

When will students receive their revised housing assignment date and move-in time block?
Residential Life & Explorations plans to send updated housing assignments no later than August 14, 2020.

If I am not assigned housing, can I find off-campus housing?
While we are trying hard to accommodate all students, we have waived the residential living requirement for the fall term. We hope that you will re-apply for Spring 2021 housing.

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