Special Needs

Learn more about special accommodations at commencement.


Hearing-Impaired Guests

An interpretive signer for the hearing impaired will be positioned near the stage during all commencement ceremonies.

Infants and Children

Rollins provides a quiet room in the Alfond Sports Center for infants and children who might need some time away from the commencement ceremony. A parent/adult must accompany the infant or child at all times; Rollins does not provide supervision in the room. Please ask an usher for the location of this room. If you have any safety-related needs or parking questions, feel free to contact Campus Safety 24 hours a day at 407-646-2999. 

Safety Information

Rollins takes every possible measure to ensure the safety of our graduates, their families, and their friends during commencement. Please observe the following guidelines the day of commencement to help facilitate a safe and enjoyable ceremony for everyone.

  • Please use caution while crossing Fairbanks Avenue from the parking garages and lots north of campus.
  • Once you are seated in the venue, locate the nearest exit to your seat.
  • Listen carefully and follow any instructions that may be issued. 
  • Parents should keep children with them at all times. 
  • If directed to evacuate the Alfond Sports Center, please move away from the building upon exiting and remain outside until an all-clear has been announced by authorities.
  • If you have a medical emergency, please notify the nearest usher for assistance so we may direct first responders located on site.
  • If necessary, seek assistance from a staff member, usher, Campus Safety officer, or uniformed emergency personnel.


College of Liberal Arts

Please send your request to Special-needs seating is limited to two (of a total of four) tickets, including wheelchair spaces.

Hamilton Holt School

Complete the Request for Accommodations For Special Needs form, or contact Coleen Palmer, at or 407-646-2232 if you have questions related to special needs. Tickets are not required for the Hamilton Holt School commencement ceremony.

Crummer Graduate School of Business

Please contact Eric Scalamonti at  or 407-646-2415 if any of your guests require assistance, wheelchair access, and/or floor seating. Tickets are not required for the Crummer Graduate School of Business commencement ceremony.

Download a list of local companies who can provide wheelchair rentals for your visit to the Orlando area. Please call ahead to ensure availability.