Where Our Social Entrepreneurship Grads Go

April 22, 2020

By Luke Woodling ’17MBA

As a graduate of Rollins’ AACSB-accredited business major in social entrepreneurship, you’ll be positioned to find or create a career that applies creative and sustainable solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.

Get a sneak peek at what your meaningful life and productive career might look like as a Rollins grad by exploring the careers of the social entrepreneurship majors who have gone before you.

Travis Strote ’17

Travis Strote ’17

Founder, Yogavated Athletics

“The world is evolving rapidly, and the social entrepreneurship program is dedicated to developing competent and versatile individuals equipped to create and contribute to business globally and think through lenses of greater social good. The contrast with traditional mentality is clear to those I’ve interacted with since graduation, where my ability to innovate, collaborate, and apply an entrepreneurial mindset to any project has generated consistent recognition from both peers and superiors.”

Frisco Poenisch ’17

Frisco Poenisch ’17

Client Partner – Strategic Government Accounts, Gartner

“The hands-on experience I received from visiting local thriving businesses was priceless in applying my newfound knowledge to the real world. Studying social entrepreneurship at Rollins has made my postgrad business ventures incredibly successful and has given me the tools to make confident decisions in day-to-day operations.”

Elyse Tran ’16

Elyse Tran ’16

JD Candidate, Santa Clara University School of Law

“As a social entrepreneurship major, my education extended far beyond the walls of my marketing and finance classes. By including Shark Tank-style pitch competitions and Immersion trips as part of the curriculum, the program not only gives students the tools to succeed in today's rapidly changing business world, but also instills a passion for civic engagement. Because of this major, I carry Rollins’ motto, Fiat Lux, with me every day as I think about how I can be that light for others and be a part of the greater good.”

Ariel Yazdian ’17

Ariel Yazdian ’17

Account Associate, Resy

“Throughout the courses in my major, I was able to create new business ideas and make them come to life. I gained knowledge of critical entrepreneurial skills like creativity, leadership, teamwork, and innovation. I truly believe that my experience at Rollins in the social entrepreneurship major helped me step outside my comfort zone and be able to take my talents to the technology field.”

Devin Moscovitz ’16

Devin Moscovitz ’16

JD Candidate, New York Law School

“The social entrepreneurship major facilitated application-based learning experiences. As a result, I was prepared for law school because I had the tools to know how to apply, rather than just memorize, new information.”

Jorge Morejon ’18

Jorge Morejon ’18

Account Development Specialist, ClearCompany

“The social entrepreneurship major has shaped me both professionally and personally. Although challenging, the major allowed me to analyze and view different organizations and companies through a different lens. By constantly problem-solving and finding sustainable solutions that push past the status quo, I was able to consider myself a changemaker.”

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