Small Classes, Big Impact

March 13, 2024

By Adrienne Egolf

Opiod Research with Zeynep Teymuroglu
Photo by Scott Cook.

At Rollins, our commitment to small, discussion-based classes drives deeper learning and deeper connection.

Walking into a classroom on some college campuses can feel daunting. Where do you sit in a massive lecture hall? What will the professor expect from you? Who’s going to be in the room? How will you make yourself heard? At Rollins, the answers are comforting. The professor will ask you to participate in class discussions, and your fellow students will bring diverse perspectives.

Together you’ll explore new ideas and build lasting relationships. With a student-faculty ratio of just 11:1 and an average of 17 students per class, our professors are deeply invested in your success, and your voice will be an essential part of every conversation. You’ll walk into a Rollins classroom and learn how to learn, and you’ll leave ready to make your mark on the world.

What Our Grads Say

Find out how some of our recent grads are putting what they learned in Rollins classrooms to work in the real world.

Caroline Husebo ’23

“Offering a comment or posing a question felt natural throughout my classes at Rollins, which not only facilitated my active engagement with the material but also allowed professors to get to know me in and out of class. This translated into more personalized learning and impactful letters of recommendation.”
Caroline Husebo ’23
Proposal Analyst, Lockheed Martin

Beatriz Olivieri ’22

“I’m constantly in meetings and expected to speak up because the department is pretty small, so I get regular exposure to VPs and partners. On the first day, I realized this was nothing new to me—I’d already done a lot of presentations and had ongoing discussions with all sorts of people. You build knowledge, courage, and confidence from your first semester at Rollins.”
Beatriz Olivieri ’22
ESG Business Analyst, Travel + Leisure

Francisco Wang ’22

“In grad school, I’ve been able to engage better with the reading material than my peers and have been actively participating in class without the fear of being ‘wrong.’ The pedagogy at Rollins teaches you not to be afraid to question or not know something because it is through this process that we learn.”
Francisco Wang ’22
MPhil Candidate, University of Cambridge

Hannah Holman ’18

“Rollins’ emphasis on research, teamwork, and teaching you how to learn was the perfect preparation for the field of computer science, which is always changing. Rollins professors are really good at fostering a love of learning in a highly collaborative environment.”
Hannah Holman ’18
Software Engineer, Google

Professor and students in a class discussion at a Rollins outdoor classroom

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