Rollins Ranked in the Top 25 Best College Dining Halls

March 09, 2021

By Audrey St. Clair ’03

Students dining at the Skillman Dining Hall
Photo by Scott Cook.

College Consensus—which combines rankings from top publishers and students—ranked Rollins’ dining options in the nation’s top 25.

College Consensus recently ranked Rollins among the top 25 dining halls in the country, citing health and sustainability as the name of the game in campus dining. 

College Consensus combines the results of top college ranking publishers like U.S. News & World Report and Forbes with real student reviews from top student-review sites to produce a comprehensive ranking of a school’s reputation and quality. To determine the best college dining halls, College Consensus editors used the score generated from the publisher rankings and student reviews and then surveyed the institutions most deserving of the recognition in terms of innovations and quality in dining.

Students enjoying fast-casual Mexican food from Cornell Cafe.
Photo by Curtis Shaffer ’22.

As noted in the results, dining expectations on college campuses have moved way beyond soggy pizza and subpar salad bars, and Rollins is leading the charge. College Consensus ranks Rollins No. 13 in the country for its dining options, pointing to standout spots like the Marketplace in the Campus Center, Rollins’ main dining hall where myriad food stations serve the freshest ingredients they can source, including from the organic on-campus student-run garden; Dave’s Boathouse, a pub-like restaurant serving cold beers and fresh sushi (all seafood at Rollins is certified sustainable); the College’s Chipotle-style eatery lovingly referred to as Tarpotle; and a host of intimate cafes scattered across campus, several of which serve Starbucks coffee along with smoothies and flatbreads perfect for a morning or afternoon pick-me-up.

Skillman Dining Hall, Rollins’ main dining center located in the Cornell Campus Center.
Fresh off a top-to-bottom redo, Skillman Dining Hall boasts multiple food stations that feature everything from vegan specials to made-to-order wood-fired pizzas. Photo by Scott Cook.

At Rollins, gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options are as prolific as they are delectable, and students with allergies or other food-intolerance issues can meet with the College’s dietician and take a cooking class with the head chef. Off-campus, Rollins students can use a portion of their meal-plan dollars for popular Winter Park restaurants like Antonella’s, Park Avenue Smoothie Cafe, and Cafe de France, among others.

A bowl of Thai curry.

A Taste of Rollins

From hearty, healthy dinners (lake view included) to on-the-go snacks between classes, Rollins dishes up distinctive dining options for every appetite.

Students enjoying meals in Skillman Dining Hall, Rollins’ main dining center located in the Campus Center.

12 Reasons Foodies Flock to Rollins

A trio of review and rankings organizations recently ranked Rollins’ dining offerings as some of the best in the country. Here are 12 reasons Rollins continues to deserve a seat at the table.

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