Inside a Rollins Res Hall

April 03, 2024

By Jessica Firpi ’11

Rollins living learning communities
Photo by Scott Cook.

We’re giving you an inside look at our living-learning communities—purposefully designed spaces that support every aspect of college life.

Our 19 residence halls are more than just a comfy place to lay your head at night. They’re vibrant living-learning communities (LLC) where you can collaborate on group projects, attend class, grab a workout, and cook dinner with your besties. They’re also situated on America’s most beautiful campus, which means you could have a poolside paradise right downstairs or a room overlooking shimmering Lake Virginia. Find out what it’s like to live, learn, eat, and play at Rollins.

Students interacting in a kitchen
Photo by Scott Cook.

Embracing Difference

“I’ve learned so much from living in close quarters with students of many interests and identities, whether it’s different races and ethnicities, genders, sexuality, religion, or academic disciplines,” shares communication major Jaheim Morris ’24. “Living with people with distinct identities and perspectives allows us the chance to grow as global citizens and responsible leaders.”

Rollins professor giving a class inside a res hall
Photo by Scott Cook.

Expert Guides

As a first-year student, you’ll live and learn in select res halls alongside classmates from your Rollins College Conference (RCC) course, a cohort-based class that acts as a roadmap for your Rollins journey. You’ll explore diverse topics in interactive seminars and meet regularly with both your RCC professor—who acts as your dedicated advisor your first year—and your peer mentor, a second-, third-, or fourth-year Tar who helps you navigate the ins and outs of college life.

Rollins students interacting outside Lakeside
Photo by Scott Cook.

Community Connections

Searching for ways to connect and get involved? Our residence halls don’t just house students—they house offices dedicated to everything from residential life and campus involvement to the pursuit of social justice. Some of our LLCs have a faculty-in-residence living alongside students, while well-trained resident assistants who facilitate in-hall programming, support, and mentorship are always just down the hall.

Rollins student grabbing food on the go
Photo by Scott Cook.

Easy Eats

“I appreciate the convenience of having an array of dining options nearby,” shares psychology major Fatima Sani ’24. “I love grabbing cinnamon French toast from the Fox Lodge Grill in Lakeside and bringing it back up to my room or taking advantage of quick options like fresh fruit salad from the C-Store if I'm on my way to class or a meeting.”

Rollins student in a res hall room
Photo by Scott Cook.

Beyond Basic

When it comes to digs, we’ve got options—from shared rooms with common areas to apartment-style suites boasting full kitchens and private bathrooms. Maybe your room overlooks our very own white-sand beach or is just upstairs from your favorite dining spot. No matter where you land, you won’t be far from seizing every opportunity Rollins has to offer.

Rollins student at the gym
Photo by Scott Cook.

Wellness Wins

“For me, the gym and mental health are inseparable because being physically fit really helps my mindset overall,” says communication major Vern Andrews ’25. “At the fitness center and movement studio in Lakeside Neighborhood, I can work out solo or join group fitness classes. I like staying active because it keeps me moving forward, wards off stagnation, and helps me focus on my holistic wellness.”

Rollins students interacting outside Lakeside
Photo by Scott Cook.

Stronger Together

At Rollins, your education is powered by relationships. All of our living-learning communities feature dedicated collaborative spaces designed to foster unity and enhance the personalized learning experience, promoting both planned and impromptu dialogue while facilitating study sessions, student organization meetings, faculty discussions, and brainstorming huddles on a daily basis.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at eight of Rollins’ top residence halls through our student-hosted dorm tour series.

Rollins College students enjoying lunch by the Lakeside pool.

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