Fetscherin Ranks in the World’s Top 2% of Scientists

October 16, 2023

By Jessica Firpi ’11

Business professor Marc Fetscherin has been ranked in the top 2 percent of scientists across all academic fields in Stanford University’s global ranking.

Rollins business professor Marc Fetscherin
Photo by Scott Cook.

Stanford University has recently updated its prestigious ranking, the World’s Top 2% Scientists, identifying and cataloging the most widely cited researchers across diverse scientific disciplines. Fetscherin’s overall rank across all disciplines is 37,404 out of a total of 210,198 assessed, placing him in the top 0.4 percent globally. In the field of marketing, Fetscherin secured a commendable position within the top 100 in the United States, ranking at 98.

The comprehensive ranking utilizes bibliometric data from the expansive Scopus database, comprising over 210,000 scholars within a global pool of millions of active scientists. The assessment divides scientists into 20 distinct scientific fields and 174 subfields, systematically ranking them based on how often their work is cited by other scholars. Data is presented separately for both an academic’s entire career and their one-year impact, offering a nuanced evaluation of scholarly impact.

The Stanford list, which creates a composite citation index based on six citation-related criteria, provides the most accurate and authoritative compilation of the world’s top researchers.

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