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Classical Studies Program

Classical Studies Faculty

The Classical Studies Program draws on faculty from a range of disciplines, including history, art history, archaeology, philosophy, english, political science, and theatre & dance.

Robert Vander Poppen

Associate Professor of Art History

Orlando Hall - Room 107

T. 407.646.2602

Scott Rubarth

Scott Rubarth

Associate Professor of Philosophy

French House - Room 203

T. 407.691.1062

Hannah Ewing

Hannah Ewing

Program Coordinator | Associate Professor of History

Cornell Hall – Room 201

T. 407.646.2273

Julia Maskivker

Julia Maskivker

Professor of Political Science

Cornell Hall – Room 212

T. 407.646.2301

Marianne DiQuattro

Marianne DiQuattro

Associate Professor

Department of Theatre & Dance

T. 407.646.2501