Hume House Child Development & Student Research Center

Faculty/Student Research Opportunities

Different research opportunities, independent studies, and internships are available at the CDC. We welcome faculty and students from any department to participate and conduct research with young children and their families. Faculty sponsors are required as well as approval from the Executive Director of the CDC. Please contact

Students in the Lab

Students in the Lab

Students participate in observational research, learn child development theory, and practice while interacting with children of diverse abilities.

Ongoing Research Projects

Narrative Project

The Narrative Project is led by Dr. Alice Davidson, psychology professor at Rollins College. Dr. Davidson has been studying children’s narrative for 13 years. Rollins students work with Dr. Davidson to study the way that young children make meaning out of their personal emotional and conflict experiences through the stories they tell, as well as to examine the significance of these stories for children’s adjustment.

Please contact Dr. Davidson at if you are interested in doing research on children’s narratives. 


Philosophy with Young Children  

Students from Dr. Erik Kenyon's Philosophy with Children class will conduct philosophical discussions with children ages 3-5 during short small group meetings throughout the semester.  The emphasis is on helping undergraduate students learn philosophical perspectives and understanding how young children become ethical thinkers at an early age.

Please contact Dr. Erik Kenyon at

Fall 2018 Special Courses and Projects

Art History

Dr. Mackenzie Moon-Ryan, professor in Art History, will visit the Cornell Family Musuem with her students and the children exploring Global art collections for style, shape and color.


Dr. Marianne DiQuattro, professor of Theatre, will produce short theatre prodcutions with her student for and with the children.
Student and childrne will learn basic theatre skills from specific theatre moments, fo example the use of masks in Ancient Greece.  


Dr. Jenn Manak, professor of Education, will work with children 4 years of age with her reading students.  Students will practice literacy skills and then assess children's emergent literacy skills.