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Parent Connection

Parent involvement is an integral part of the Child Development Center's program and philosophy.

Parent Partners

Parent Partners

We value parents as partners in their child's education in the lab.

Parent Involvement

Parent Involvement is an integral part of the program and philosophy of the CDC. Our families share information about their child including developmental profiles, and parents participate in developmental screening using the Ages and Stages Screening tool. Teachers connect with parents first with home visits and then via face to face daily communication, electronic applications and through weekly email communications.

Parent volunteers support special projects at the CDC, including our gardening project, annual Trike-a-thon, annual DSACF Walk, and our biannual Pot Lucks.

Parent Information and Resources

Parent Handbook

Current Research in Early Childhood:

Children and Technology

Science and Early Education NSTA Position 

Multilingual Children

Inclusive Early Education

Developmental Milestones resource

Prospective Parents

If you are interested in your child attending the Child Development Center, we invite you to contact us and schedule a tour of the facilities. Following your tour, complete the Waiting List Application.

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