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Solving Crimes with Chemistry

Solving Crimes with Chemistry

Chemistry professor Dr. Laurel Goj Habgood (center) and english professor Dr. Emily Russell (left) teach an interdisciplinary course on the culture and chemistry of crime.


Major in Chemistry

The Rollins chemistry department offers the American Chemical Society-certified degree program for a broad-based and rigorous chemistry education that prepares students to become effective scientific professionals and competitive applicants to jobs and graduate schools. Studying chemistry at Rollins gives you the flexibility to pursue any minor or fulfill requirements for secondary teacher certification. The curriculum introduces students to an understanding of chemical phenomena, properties, and transformations at the atomic and molecular levels. Chemistry students interact closely with faculty in the classroom and laboratory as they pursue studies in the five major chemical subdisciplines: biochemistry, inorganic, physical, analytical and organic chemistry. Majoring in chemistry prepares students for a variety of post-college pursuits including graduate school, medical/dental school, and jobs in industry.

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Major in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

The biochemistry/molecular biology major is an interdepartmental major offered by the Chemistry and Biology departments to provide students with a strong background in both disciplines. Through selected electives, students may concentrate on specific areas of interest. Students have excellent opportunities within the departments of biology and chemistry to engage in independent research projects. Graduates are prepared to pursue employment in biochemical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnological laboratories, and further study in the health professions or graduate research institutions. Note that biochemistry/molecular biology majors may not double major or minor in biology or chemistry.

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