Department of Chemistry


The chemistry department is committed to empowering graduates to pursue meaningful lives and productive careers.

Where do Rollins' Chemistry Majors go after graduation?

Graduates from the last two years are enrolled in M.D. programs, Ph.D. programs, Master's programs, and are working in industry jobs. Congratulations to all!


High-impact learning, such as small group trips abroad, can help students discern their future careers. Dr. Pedro Bernal has been traveling to the Dominican Republic with students for over 25 years to deliver and perform chemical/microbiological tests on water filtration systems.

ACS Certification

Our chemistry department is accredited by the American Chemical Society, and our graduates may opt to earn a certified degree to make themselves more competitive for industry positions.


To pursue the goals of a meaningful life and productive career that is at the core of Rollins mission, you will need to reflect on your own personality and interests and how they may make you more or less suited to a particular occupation. There is no one career path that all individuals who enjoy chemistry pursue! Our major is designed to expose you to a variety of the different sub-fields of chemistry (organic, biochemistry, inorganic, physical, and analytical), and there are many occupations associated with each. Many specialties require graduate education, and you will need to understand the educational prerequisites for your occupation of choice. You should begin by becoming familiar with the process of preparing for and applying to graduate school.

Most graduate studies in chemistry-related fields require undergraduate research experience either at Rollins or at a larger research institution. You should talk to your academic advisor if you are interested in this path. Regardless of which career interests you, you should develop your presentation skills by drafting a resume or CV, cover letter, and personal statement. You should talk to your academic advisor and utilize the resources available at the Center for Career and Life Planning to help you in this process.

Alumni Careers

Chemistry majors end up in a surprisingly diverse array of occupations. The Chemistry Department routinely hosts guests from a range of careers. If you are an alum who can share your story, please drop us a note—we would love to host you! Here are many of the most highly represented careers in which our Rollins chemistry majors work (from LinkedIn):

  • Forensics
  • Education
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Research
  • Sales
  • Healthcare Services
  • Entrepreneurship