Rollins College

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Presidents of Rollins College

Edward Payson Hooker, 1885-1892

Charles Test Grandison Fairchild, 1893-1895

George Morgan Ward, 1896-1902

William Fremont Blackman, 1902-1915

Calvin Henry French, 1917-1919

Robert James Sprague, 1923-1924

William Clarence Weir, 1924-1925

Hamilton Holt, 1925-1949

Paul Alexander Wagner, 1949-1951

Hugh Ferguson McKean, 1951-1969

Jack Barron Critchfield, 1969-1978

Thaddeus Seymour, 1978-1990

Rita Bornstein, 1990-2004

Lewis M. Duncan, 2004-2014

Frederick Wolcott Lyman, John Howard Ford, George Morgan Ward, Robert James Sprague, Hugh Ferguson McKean, Frederick William Hicks IV, and Craig McAllaster all served brief periods as Acting Presidents.

Officers of the College

David H. Lord
Chairman of the Board

Grant H. Cornwell

Susan Rundell Singer
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost

Ed Kania
Vice President for Business & Finance and Treasurer

Laurie Houck
Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Mamta M. Accapadi
Vice President for Student Affairs

Student Records

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