Marine Biology

Effective Fall Term 2018

Brannock Fokidis Harper Palow
Pieczynski Santiago Stephenson Sutherland

The major in marine biology provides students with a broad understanding of the basic biological and ecological principles as they relate to the marine ecosystems. Core courses will expose students to the discovery nature of science and educate them in their roles as global citizens in preserving the health of the marine environment. The major prepares students to enter careers and advanced studies in biological research, environmental science, and conservation.


Thirteen (13) courses are required: eight (8) core marine biology courses, three (3) core chemistry courses, one (1) biology elective course, one (1) approved field experience in marine biology, and satisfactory performance on a comprehensive standard exam. At least eight (8) of the thirteen (13) courses required for the marine biology major must be taken at Rollins College or as part of a Rollins-sanctioned program. Of these eight (8), at least five (5) must be BIO prefix courses beyond BIO 120/121. To declare this major, a student must have a minimum 2.0 major GPA in at least two (2) of the courses listed on the major map. Students may not major, double major, or minor in both Marine Biology and Biology.

Students with AP Biology scores of 5, or IB scores of 5, 6, or 7 (on the higher level IB exam), can be given the option of exemption from either BIO 120 or BIO 121 upon department chair approval.

CORE BIOLOGY COURSES (eight courses)

  • BIO 120 General Biology I
  • BIO 121 General Biology II
  • BIO 210 Introduction to Marine Science
  • One course in marine organisms
    • BIO 211 Marine Botany
    • BIO 236 Invertebrate Zoology
    • BIO 237 Vertebrate Zoology
  • One course in molecular biology/genetics
    • BIO 308 Genetics
    • BIO 310 Microbial Genetics
    • BIO 341 Molecular Biology
  • BIO 316 Ecology
  • BIO 335 Marine Biology
  • BIO 435 Senior Seminar in Marine Biology OR approved BIO 499 in Marine Biology

An approved field experience in marine biology is required and may be satisfied by one of the following.

  • BIO 388 Marine Biology Laboratory (prerequisite BIO 210 Introduction to Marine Sciences) OR
  • One (1) semester in residence at an approved marine field station OR
  • One approved marine field course at the 300-level or above


  • CHM 120 General Chemistry I or CHM 130 Advanced Chemistry I
  • CHM 121 General Chemistry II or CHM 131 Advanced Chemistry II
  • CHM 220 Organic Chemistry I

Six (6) semester hours.

Any biology course from BIO 210 and above. Courses from the core groupings, other than those used to fulfill the core requirements, may be used to satisfy the requirement. The course(s) used to fulfill the biology elective for the Marine Biology major may not be used to satisfy the requirements of other majors.


Students preparing for graduate programs in Marine Biology, Biology, or Professional schools in health-related areas such as medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, or pharmacy require a thorough introduction to physics and calculus. Therefore, they are advised to take CHM 221, PHY 120/130 and PHY 121/131, a calculus course and a statistics course.