Film Studies (minor only)

Changes effective Spring Term 2014

Faculty teaching Film Studies courses include members of the Expressive Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Divisions in the College of Arts and Sciences. Please see the schedule of classes for each academic term for specific assignments.

More than a century old, film is an integral, omnipresent art form and a component of our day-to-day lives. The film studies minor examines how film reflects and affects the social, intellectual, cultural, ethical, economic, aesthetic, and political aspects of our world; encourages students to move toward critical thinking about how film influences values and ideologies as well as our views on gender, race, class, sexuality, religion, and nationality; and demonstrates that film is a medium which both reflects and produces social conflicts, desires, and power relations.


Six (6) courses are required: two (2) core courses and four (4) electives. Students are advised to complete FIL 150 as one of the first three courses counted toward the film studies minor.


  • FIL 150 Introduction to Film
  • FIL 450 Film Seminar

Choose four (4) courses from the schedule of courses that are noted as fulfilling the "FIL minor," which meet the following criteria.

  • At least two at the 300 level or above
  • At least one must focus on foreign film
  • One may be an internship
  • Film courses taken in the Hamilton Holt School or at other institutions may count toward the minor at the discretion of the Film Studies Program Director.

Course of Study

FIL 150 Introduction to Film:
Focuses on film literacy and the culture of film, using films from the history of film.

FIL 245 Film as Art: The Florida Film Festival: immerses students in a top regional film festival in the U.S., the Academy-screen Florida Film Festival. Through attending an orientation class meeting, experiencing two full weekends of film viewing and festival events, and undertaking writing assignments, students learn the hisotrical, cultural, and contemporary aspects of cinema and film festivals.

FIL 350 Special Topics in Film Studies: Experiential and/or traditional "classroom" courses that allow immersion in a specific area of film director, genre, national cinema(s), film making, film festivals and/or examination race, class, gender, sexuality, multiculturalism, globalization.

FIL 450 Film Seminar: Capstone course for the minor emphasizing film theory, history, and culture. Features an in-depth examination of a specific construct of film. Prerequisite: FIL 150.