Australian Studies (minor only)

Changes effective Spring Term 2006


The Australian studies minor, based upon the Rollins Program in Sydney, fosters an intellectual and social understanding between Australia and the United States.

Thanks to the faculty exchange program begun in January 1981, one or two visiting professors from Australia spend time at Rollins each year. Recent lecturers have included Rosemary Broomham in history and Graham Boardman in Australian literature.


Six (6) courses are required (totaling at least 24 semester hours): four (4) completed for grade-point credit in Australia during the required term in Sydney and two (2) more taken at Rollins or in Australia.

Two (2) core courses are required during the fall term in Sydney.

  • AUS 288 Australian History
  • AUS 368 The Fauna and Flora of Australia OR AUS 388 Australia's Physical Environment

Four (4) more courses are required from among the following group.

  • AUS 255 Australian Aboriginal Studies
  • AUS 262 The Australian Economic and Political Systems
  • AUS 300 International Business
  • AUS 356 Australian Literature
  • AUS 361 Australian Art
  • AUS 368 The Fauna and Flora of Australia
  • AUS 388 Australia's Physical Environment
  • Courses at Rollins with the AUS designation

Sydney Courses

AUS 235 Australia in the Global Context:
Globalization provides Australia not only with the promise of greater economic growth, but also with significant challenges to its traditional markets and alliances. This course examines the various responses to the challenges that Australia might make.

AUS 240 Painting the American and Australian Environment: Likeness and Difference: A comparative study of American and Australian art, including Aboriginal art. Investigates how art has evolved, examining the reasons, similarities, and the differences between the two environments.

AUS 255 Australian Aboriginal Studies: Presents historical overview of relations between Aborigines and Europeans in Australia and discusses contemporary social and political dimensions of Aboriginal life. Students may explore own interests in this field.

AUS 262 The Australian Economic and Political Systems: Studies structure and functioning of Australian economic and political systems -- dynamics, interactions, and mechanisms for adjusting to change. Applies concepts to current events.

AUS 288 Australian History: Surveys Australia's history from first human settlement to present with emphasis on European occupation of past two centuries.

AUS 300 International Business: A study of the strategies that firms use to compete globally. Topics include international competition, competitive advantage, international trade theory, international political economy, foreign direct investment, international operations, and globalization. Taught using case studies from Australia.

AUS 356 Australian Literature: Chronicles fiction and drama from realist writing about the Bush in 1890's to work of Patrick White, Elizabeth Jolley, and other contemporary writers. Students may follow up special interests such as feminist writing, writing by Aborigines, and recent poetry.

AUS 361 Australian Art: Introduces Australia's main schools and movements from 18th through 20th century from international art-history perspective. Supplements lectures with excursions to public and commercial galleries in Sydney and Canberra.

AUS 368 The Fauna and Flora of Australia: Examines unique character of Australia's plant and animal life. Emphasizes ecological fieldwork in variety of habitats in Sydney area.

AUS 388 Australia's Physical Environment: Acquaints students with climate, physiography, geology, and hydrology of coastal, estuarine, rolling uplands, and interior regions through lectures and field trips.