Archaeology (minor only)

Changes effective Spring Term 2013

Faculty teaching Archaeology courses include members of the Expressive Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Divisions in the College of Arts and Sciences. Please see the schedule of classes for each academic term for specific assignments.

The archaeology minor combines courses in anthropology and art history for an overall study of human societies from great antiquity to the present. The program is interdisciplinary and multicultural with a variety of topical and methodological perspectives, including prehistoric, classical, and historical archaeology. Students aspiring to graduate studies in archaeology may combine the minor with a major in anthropology or classical studies.


Seven (7) courses: two (2) core courses, two (2) geographical courses, and three (3) electives.

CORE COURSES (required)

  • ANT 228 Introduction to World Archaeology
  • ANT 323 Archaeological Field Methods and Research Design [Prerequisite: one (1) previous archaeology course or permission of instructor.]

One (1) Western and one (1) Non-Western course.

  • ANT 231 Topics in Regional Archaeology
  • ANT 232 Archaeology of Africa
  • ANT 233 Indian Ocean in Antiquity
  • ANT 234 Archaeology of South Asia
  • ARH 235 Art and Archaeology of Near East and Egypt
  • ARH 236 Art and Archaeology of Greek World
  • ARH 237 Art and Archaeology of Roman Empire

Any three (3).  At least two (2) at the 300-level.  One (1) elective may be satisfied with additional geographical course.

  • ANT 207 Topics in Anthropological Archaeology
  • ANT 210 Human Evolution
  • ANT 215 Human Ecology
  • ANT 229 Tools, Technology & Time
  • ANT 307 Topics in Anthropological Archaeology
  • ANT 370 Forensic Anthropology
  • ARH 315 Special Studies - Ancient Art
  • CLS 306 Topics in Classical Archaeology
Additional archaeology courses as approved by the coordinators of the archaeology minor.


  • Semester at Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome, Italy
  • Semester at College Year in Athens, Greece
  • Rollins College overseas trips