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Campus Safety

Policies and Operation Plans

The safety on our campus is every one’s priority and responsibility at Rollins College. The department’s staff shares the primary objective of helping to provide a safe and secure environment through preventive patrol, emergency response, problem solving, programming and activities. 
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Learn more about Emergency Operations at Rollins College.

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Safety Operations

The Campus Safety Department is organized as a department of 23 full- and part-time security personnel under the auspices of the Office of the Vice President and Treasurer and is located in the Campus Safety Building (Building 412 on the map). We are staffed 24/7 with trained personnel who provide patrol, prevention, and emergency response for the campus community. It is not a law enforcement agency and therefore, its members do not have the authority to make arrests. All officers are professionally trained and certified through the State of Florida. Concern for the community's well-being, a desire to provide service and assistance whenever possible, and a constant desire to support the academic environment are all factors inherent in the department's daily operations and policies.

General Patrol

Rollins College Campus Safety provides 24-Hour response to call for service, provides routine and directed patrol activities, parking enforcement, and preliminary investigation of most –campus incidents. Cases needing further follow-up are forwarded to an Investigation Team.

The members of the Campus Safety Department are trained to patrol the campus on foot and in vehicles, and are actively involved in the physical security of the campus. A Dispatch Officer is on staff at all times to answer questions, provide information, and to direct personnel to answer calls for service and to provide assistance in routine and emergency situations. The department also helps coordinate staffing during special events, such as concerts, Greek Organization events, and Commencement. 

Rollins College offers many activities and programs which are open to the public. For the most part, the campus and its buildings, excluding residential halls, are also open to the general public during business hours. Most College administrative and academic buildings are closed during non-business hours and on weekends, while residential facilities are generally locked 24 hours a day and require R-Card swipe for access. Campus Safety personnel routinely enter buildings to patrol and to provide service during all hours of the day. Employees, students, and visitors are encouraged to call the Campus Safety office to report suspicious individuals or activity, and request assistance at any time by dialing 407-646-2999 or ext. 2999 from any campus phone.


Investigations involving violations of the Code of Community Standards or Criminal Cases are coordinated by a team within the Campus Safety Department. Rollins College Campus Safety maintains a close working relationship with the Winter Park Police Department and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

All reports of incidents received by Campus Safety are reviewed by one of the Department’s supervisors in a timely manner. If a report requires follow-up action, the assigned officer and investigating supervisor will seek further information or prepare the case for the Assistant Vice President of Public Safety. To help provide a safe environment in our community, and when appropriate, the investigators work cooperatively with the Police Officers and Detectives of the Winter Park Police Department and other agencies in the surrounding community.

Drugs and Alcohol

Students at Rollins College are expected to be acquainted with and abide by state laws and College regulations regarding alcohol and drugs and to be aware of the social, physiological and psychological consequences of excessive drinking in order to make responsible and informed decisions about the serving and consumption of alcohol. The College provides regular educational programs on alcohol and drug abuse as well as counseling services. The College alcohol policy is designed to be consistent with the laws of the state of Florida, which prohibits the possession, consumption and serving of alcoholic beverages by and to persons less than 21 years of age. 

Please refer to the Office of Community Standards & Responsibility for specific information. If you have questions or concerns, please contact one of the following groups on campus:

Community Standards & Responsibility: 407.691.1337
Wellness Center: 407.646.6340
Dean of Hamilton Holt School: 407.646.2292
Dean of Crummer Graduate School: 407.646.2249

Rollins College does not condone the possession, use, manufacture, or distribution of illegal substances or drug paraphernalia of any kind in any amount. Additionally, the improper use, sale or distribution of prescription medication shall also be considered a violation of the College’s policy. Students in violation of this policy may be jeopardizing their own well-being as well as the well-being of the College community.

Prevention Programs

Assist in delivering Crime Prevention and Risk Reduction Programs to members of the College Community.

The Rollins College Campus Safety Department offers a variety of proactive and reactive programs aimed at reducing crime on our campus. In conjunction with various offices and departments on campus such as the Office of Residential Life, the Facilities Services department, the Human Resources department, and others, the Office of Campus Safety coordinates training, discussions, campus walk-throughs, etc. that encourage students to follow good safety practices. We strongly believe that a more educated and responsible community will minimize criminal opportunities. We attempt to accomplish this goal through educational seminars, presentations, and programs that cover; alcohol use, drug use, communal living safety, driving under the influence, vehicle safety, and self-defense.

For information regarding crime prevention, CPR/First Aid Training, or AED policies and questions, please call 407-646-2999.

Off-Campus Conduct

Although the College is not responsible or liable for student-off-campus events or behavior, it does reserve the right, in the interest of protecting students from harm, to take action in response to behavior off campus that violates College expectations and policies. College policies govern students participating in Rollins or Rollins-affiliated study abroad programs during the regular terms, Winter Intersession and Maymester.

Safety Surveys

Surveys are conducted, at times with the involvement of Winter Park Police Department, to help identify safety concerns in any office, building, or residential area. The surveys are free and are used to improve safety by altering design, or procedures in the workplace or living space. A member of the Office of Campus Safety will visit the area, and document recommended changes to create a safer and more secure area through design or procedural improvements.

Workplace Violence

The Office of Campus Safety works with the Human Resources Department to address the issues and impact of violence in the workplace. Training for Campus Safety Officers focuses on defining workplace violence and identifying the stages of violence. By discussing the importance of intervention, prevention, and an overall safety plan our goal is to develop comprehensive approaches to analyzing and responding to threats or incidents of violence in the workplace.