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Letter from the SGA President

Communication Studies MajorBusiness Minor

Manny Rodriguez ‘21, SGA President

Communication Studies Major
Business Minor

Favorite Rollins Memory: My favorite memory is probably the time Coin performed at Rollins for Fox Fest. It’s one of my favorite bands, and it was really good. I would love for that to happen again!

I am most excited about the possibilities that we, the students, can change and impact Rollins. It makes me excited to see the students coming together. I am also excited about all the events sponsored by different organizations. I can’t wait to have fun with my friends and meet new people as well!

SGA Student Body President

My Fellow Tars,

It is with great joy that I am able to welcome you back to Rollins College. Here, you are the top priority and we want to make sure it stays that way now more than ever. Because of the COVID-19, many of us lost something. We lost time, moments, and some of us family or friends. This year we are focused on supporting you through empowerment and encouragement. In partnering with the efforts of the College, me and my partner, Kim Pepper, have developed our mission and a set of priorities in which we plan to operate under throughout the 2020-2021 school year.

Through advocating for the interests of the students, improving the scale and effectiveness of the Student Government Association, and forming events to create unforgettable memories. We plan to give you the year you deserve during your time at Rollins.

Some of our plans for the following year includes maintaining a monthly Newsletter to increase transparency and engagement with you, the students. We also want to invest to expand our composting initiative to more populated areas of campus and advocate to use Open Source textbooks that provides professors and students an affordable textbook option. We are also advocating to install solar panel outlets across campus in areas with no outlets so students can enjoy our beautiful campus outside while doing work to increase the use of renewable energy.

This year will not be without its challenges, but good things never are. Here at the SGA, we believe that life demands action in all aspects. We will be dedicating everything we can to you. All we ask in return is your support and participation as the entire student body. So, I’d like to encourage you to come see how you can impact your campus. Our meetings in the next semester are every Wednesday at 6:45 in the Galloway Room, open to all. The SGA is comprised of an executive council and student senate that represents every academic level. Your voice matters and is heard, each concern brought to our attention is seriously discussed and brought to a resolution. We want to make sure students are aware of what we hope to accomplish, fostering an environment for students of all backgrounds to feel welcome and included, and many more initiatives.

I greatly look forward to serving the Rollins College SGA and community during this academic year! My door is always open to any questions, comments, suggestions, and concerns.

Go Tars!

Sincerely, Manny Rodriguez

Rollins College SGA Student Body President


SGA Vice President 
Biology Major

Favorite memory at Rollins: giving a speech at lip sync! I never felt so connected and excited to advocate for our student body. So much fun!

I am most excited to help Rollins become more sustainable and end my final year with a positive impact on our institution and student body.