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For more SGA information, check us out on Facebook, and Instagram

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For more SGA information, check us out on Facebook, and Instagram

The Student Government Association of Rollins College’s (SGA) mission is to provide a voice to Rollins’ students and help advance the interests of the students within the College’s administration. SGA has three branches of government. A five-member Judicial Board, a thirty-member senate, and a ten-member Executive Board including the President and Vice-President form the Student Government Association. These representatives meet every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. via WebEx, join meetings here! Meetings are open to anyone on campus to attend. These open meetings discuss the content of committee meetings, discuss and debate campus wide issues and topics, and plan events for the campus.

Senators and Executive Board members of SGA sit on faculty-run boards throughout campus: Curriculum, Finance, Diversity Council, and Student Life. This is where students are able to speak their mind about potential new programs and majors, student life, financial aspects of the college, and other committees that make decisions that regulate and influence students across campus daily.

LipSync! and Homecoming Week are organized and paid for by SGA. While these events are fun and a big part of SGA’s presence, Student Government has far greater influence on campus.

If there is something you’d like to voice to the SGA, a list with contact information is available on the SGA Instagram page. SGA members deal with any issues big or small.