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Student Academics

The Student Services office is available to assist students with a variety of functions including Academic Advising, Course Registration & Scheduling, and Team Performance.  We are committed to providing a valuable personal and professional experience that supports students in the classroom and in the workplace.

Student Academics

Course Descriptions

Descriptions for all core, elective, and EDBA courses.

Elective Registration

Directions on registering for elective courses.

Academic Calendars

Academic Calendars for MBA and EDBA programs.

Course Schedules

Course Schedules for all MBA and EDBA programs.

Programs of Study

Programs of Study for all MBA and EDBA programs.

Student Handbook

Student Handbooks, as well as EDBA Dissertation Instructions.

Graduate Housing

Graduate Housing is an option for EAMBA students only.

Campus Logins

Campus links and other important resources.