Rollins CEO Chapter Earns National Recognition

November 5, 2012 - The Rollins CEO chapter was selected as a finalist among 245 CEO college chapters in the Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (CEO) Best Chapter Business competition held at the organization’s national conference in Chicago on November 1.

The National CEO Best Chapter award recognizes CEO chapters that have successfully provided their members with outstanding tools and hands-on learning activities. The Rollins CEO chapter was recognized for its business The First Movers. Founded in 2007 by a team of five Rollins MBA students who noticed there was a need on campus for students to store their belongings during the summer break, The First Movers is today a successful student-run business. This year it generated a 50% increase in revenue, and all cash earned in excess of expenses is donated to the Rollins CEO chapter.

The First Movers management team is composed of MBA and undergraduate students from Rollins College. The management team reports to a Board of Directors and has all the responsibilities of a company. “It is an excellent real life, application of the skills we teach,” said Michael Bowers, Ph.D., Professor of Marketing and Academic Director of the Center for Advanced Entrepreneurship. “This experience makes our students attractive candidates in the job market,” he said. “I routinely receive calls from employers who are impressed to see this kind of hands-on learning on a Rollins MBA graduate’s resume.”

Each year the Rollins CEO chapter members attend the National CEO Conference where they have the opportunity to network with more than 1,200 students, faculty, and young entrepreneurs from across North America. Entrepreneurs and business leaders share their ideas and expertise as to how they launched their businesses, the lessons they've learned, and where they are today. “It’s a great way for our students to grow their network nationally and internationally,” said Dr. Bowers. “They get to interact with other students who are very fired up about entrepreneurship and also learn from successful business leaders.” This year’s speakers included Chris Stevens, a co-founder of Keurig, and Jeff Hoffman, a member of the founding team of


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