Rollins MBA Grads and Alumni Sign MBA Oath About Ethical Business Practices

April 29, 2011—The Rollins MBA announced today that students from the graduating class of 2011, as well as several alumni, have signed the Rollins MBA Oath in a ceremony last night. The oath is a voluntary pledge for MBAs to set a new ethical and responsible standard for how business is conducted. At the ceremony students and alumni co-signed the Oath with associate dean Steve Gauthier, received a cord for graduates to wear with cap and gown, and an oath lapel pin to wear as an alumnus.

Started as a group of Harvard Business School graduates in 2009, the MBA Oath is now a broad coalition of MBA students, graduates and advisors embraced by over 300 institutions around the world. The MBA Oath’s long-term goal is to transform the field of management into a true profession, one in which MBAs are respected for their integrity, professionalism, and leadership.

“Rollins College educates students for global citizenship and responsible leadership, empowering graduates to pursue meaningful lives and productive careers,” said Mary Conway Dato-on, associate professor of International Business for Rollins MBA. “Rollins MBA graduates are publicly declaring their aspirations for higher professional standards by taking the Rollins MBA Oath. From now on, each graduate and all alumni will also be able to participate in the oath-taking ceremony. Together, the Rollins MBA graduates are setting a higher standard for business leaders.”

Today’s MBA students are changing the approach to business. They’re committing to doing business not only ethically but also by implementing what is called the triple bottom line -- they want to lead, open and manage businesses that are sustainable financially, environmentally and socially (people, profits, planet).

The graduating class’s participation in signing the oath stemmed from student Adam Hart, who discovered that other MBA programs around the nation are taking part and pledging to create value both responsibly and ethically. With the help from fellow students and faculty, Rollins MBA kick-started the process for the 2011 graduating class.

“Rollins College taught me how to lead and manage in a manner that is responsible and ethical,” said Rollins MBA student, Adam Hart. “I thought it appropriate to find a way for all Rollins MBA graduates to publicly declare their aspirations for higher professional standards. The oath is important because it moves us toward committing to a public code of ethics for the field of management.”

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