Office of the Bursar

Billing Statements

Learn more about the QuikPAY electronic monthly billing system.

Rollins College students view and pay their bursar bills online via QuikPAY electronic billing and payment system. The Office of the Bursar uploads a new billing statement each month and notification is sent to their Rollins e-mail address and to their authorized payer email accounts. Student's '' email account is the official means of communication at Rollins College. Students are expected to check their email on a frequent and consistent basis in order to stay current with College-related communications.

Through QuikPAY, students have the option to set up "authorized payers," usually parents or guardians, who are then able to view and/or pay the student's bill. Parents will only receive monthly statement notifications if the student has set them up as an authorized payer. Although the College has advanced to electronic billing, QuikPAY is just one of many options students have for paying their bursar bill.
Explore Payment Options

How Students Set Up QuikPAY Authorized Payer Accounts

  • Log into FoxLink
  • Click on the “Billing and Financial Aid” tab
  • Click on “QuikPAY Online Billing & Payment System”
  • Click on “Authorize Payers”
  • Click “Add New”
  • Enter email address and assign a password.

The Authorized Payer will receive a confirmation email containing a link to QuikPAY. The student will need to send the password they assigned to the Authorized Payer. Each month when a bill is processed, the student and Authorized Payer will receive an email notification.

QuikPAY allows students and their authorized payers to:

  • View their current statement
  • View past statements
  • Make electronic payments
  • Reprint receipts