College of Liberal Arts Refunds & Withdrawals

From due dates and forms to refunds, holds, and late fees, everything students in the College of Liberal Arts need to navigate the Office of the Bursar.


Fall 2018 financial aid refunds will be released after the drop/add period has ended starting Friday, September 14th for students that meet all eligibility requirements. 

After September 14th, refund requests received by noon on Wednesdays will be processed by Friday of the same week.

The fastest way to receive your refund is through direct deposit.  If you have not already signed up for direct deposit, you can sign up for direct deposit through FoxLink.

How do I request my refund?

Log into FoxLink > click on Student tab > Click on Billing & Financial Aid from the drop down menu > Click on the Refund Request link to complete and submit your request.

You will know your refund is in progress by checking your "Account Status" on QuikPAY. From the date you see the "Refund" posted on QuikPAY, you should expect to receive funds within 3 to 5 business days if you have direct deposit.

If you do not have direct deposit, your check will be mailed within 3 to 5 business days of the date the refund is noted on your QuikPAY account on FoxLink. Refund checks for College of Liberal Arts students will be delivered to the campus mailbox unless otherwise designated. Please remember, once the check is mailed, Rollins College has no control over how long the post office takes to deliver it to you.

College of Liberal Arts Tuition Refund Policy & Withdrawal Schedule

If a student withdraws or is otherwise separated from the College prior to the beginning of a term, a full refund for the term will be made, subject to the exclusions for non-refundable amounts. After a term has started, a withdrawal requires the completion a withdrawal form, which is signed by the student. The completed form must be submitted to the Dean of Student Affairs no later than 10 business days following the last date of attendance.

Eligibility for credit to the student account is measured according to the effective date of withdrawal. The effective date of withdrawal is the last day of verified class attendance or student presence on campus, if the withdrawal request is made no later than 10 business days following the last date of attendance. If the student fails to submit the withdrawal form within 10 days of the last date of attendance, the effective date of withdrawal is defined as the date on which the College receives the withdrawal form. If a student withdraws, or is separated from the College for any reason other than a medical disability after the start of the term, a credit will be made to his or her account according to the following schedule:

Maymester Effective Date of Withdrawal for Tuition Credit

Withdrawal Date                         
Summer 2018
Refund Percentage
Classes dropped on or before 4/27/2018                 100%
Classes dropped on or before 5/11/2018                   75%
Classes dropped on or before 5/15/2018 50%
Classes dropped on or after 5/15/2018 0%

Effective Date of Withdrawal for Tuition Credit

Withdrawal Date Fall 2018    
Spring 2019
Refund Percentage
Prior to the second week of class 8/31/2018 1/18/2019 80%
Prior to the third week of class 9/07/2018 1/25/2019 60%
Prior to the fourth week of class 9/14/2018 2/01/2019 40%
Prior to the fifth week of class 9/21/2018 2/08/2019 20%
Fifth week of classes or later 0%

Title IV Authorizations

Students with a signed Title IV authorization will need to submit a Refund Request Form through Foxlink to receive a refund. Otherwise, their credit balance will be held on the account for future use. Unless requested sooner, these credits will be released at the end of the aid year.
Complete Title IV Authorization (FoxLink)

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