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Department of Art & Art History

Departmental Recognition

Watching our majors and minors grow into the exceptional artists and historians they are is one of the most valuable aspects of teaching in a small environment like Rollins, so we want to celebrate our students wherever we can. The following lists highlight the recipients of various awards and honors our previous students have received.

To receive honors in the art history major, students must maintain a GPA of 3.33 within the major and complete a two-semester research project that culminates in the production of a thesis document consisting of approximately 40-50 pages and followed by an oral defense. While the content of the thesis should emphasize Art Historical material, students are encouraged to explore questions that require the utilization of ancillary disciplines (e.g. Archaeology, Anthropology, Classical Studies, Critical Media Studies, History, Studio Art, Women’s Studies) whose perspective can provide interpretive insight into visual culture.

Julia Wolffe, '22 - Fashioning the Flapper: Clothing as a Catalyst for Social Change in 1920s America

Emma Krall, '21 - Van Gogh, Nature, and Spirituality

Konnor Ross, '21

Morgan Snoap, '20 - Algerian Women's Waistcoats - The Ghlila and Frimla: Readjusting the Lens on the Early French Colonial Era in Algeria (1830-1870)

Brianna Cooney, '19 - Powerful Alliances: A Study of International Trade, Material Culture, and Family Ties in Jan van Eyck’s Arnolfini Portrait

Margaret Milford, 18

To receive honors in the studio art major, students must maintain a GPA of 3.33 within the major and complete two semester, 8-credit hour research project that culminates in the production of a quality senior exhibition featured in the Rollins Museum of Art, a written thesis document, and an oral defense. View all exhibition pieces: pre-2020 | 2020 - present

Continuum, on exhibit Spring 2023 - Claire Angel '23; Nana Takano '23; Madeline Moreland '23; Katelina Coyle '23; Kat St. John '23; Haley Van Doren '23; Sophia Perry '23; Liv Sala '23; and Emma Lostutter '23

Prograde & Retrograde, on exhibit Spring 2022 - Anastasia Dresden '22; Shelbi Higgins '22; Gabrielle Clark '22; Vilja Aaltonen '22; Tracy Lam '22; Sophia di Marzio '22; Claudia Prado '22; and Karina Hornberger '22

Ethos, on exhibit Spring 2021 - Andrea Czafit, '21; Melissa Rodriguez, '21; and Renee Sang, '21

Frame of Reference, on virtual exhibit Spring 2020 - Kailee Blalock, '20; Christine Cole, '20; Danie Forero, '20; Angela-Maria Martinez, '20; Ty Wedekind, '20

Cease & Desist, on exhibit Spring 2019 - Meredith Ewen, '19; Anastasia Rooke, '19; Alicia Sales, '19; Ari Schubot, '19; Elizabeth Shugart, '19; Zinnia Upson, '19

Efemeral, on exhibit Spring 2018 - Tara Gallagher, '18; Mallory Griffith, '18; Brianne Lint, '18; Emily Richards, '18

Re:Constructions, on exhibit Spring 2015 - Haley Bowen, '15; Andrea D'Alfonso, '15; Betsy Johnson, '15; David Matteson, 15; Sebastian Walker, '15

At the end of every academic year, the Art and Art History faculty recognizes two senior students - one Outstanding Studio Art Senior, one Outstanding Art History Senior - who have completed exceptional work within the discipline and the department community and awards them with the Constance Ortmayor Prize. The following are recipients from previous years:

Claire Angel, '23 - Studio Art

Sofia Blasser, '23 - Art History

Abbey Matusik, '23 - Art History

Sophia di Marzio, '22 - Studio Art

Emelia Lonsdale, '22 - Art History

Melissa Rodriguez, '21 - Studio Art

Konner Ross, '21 - Art History

Angela-Maria Martinez, '20 - Studio Art

Morgan Snoap, '20 - Art History

Claire Block, '19 - Studio Art

Margaret Milford, '19 - Art History

The Expressive Arts Division consists of three academic departments - Music, Theatre/Dance, Studio Art/Art History - from which a committee of faculty members from each department nominates students from their own discipline, to determine one student who has exhibited exceptional work across the spectrum of each discipline. Below are the studio art or art history majors to whom the Expressive Arts Division has given such award:

Morgan Snoap, '20 - Art History

Makayla Mikesell, '23 - Art History