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Anthropology Programs at Rollins

The anthropology department offers a major and a minor in anthropology as well as a minor in cultural anthropology. Undergraduates are exposed to many related subdisciplines, including cultural anthropology, biological anthropogy, archaeology, and linguistics.
Earn Credit Abroad

Earn Credit Abroad

Anthropology students can receive substantial major credits by participating in semester-long field studies in countries like Japan, Morocco, and Brazil. Learn more about the anthropology major.

Undergraduate Anthropology Programs

Anthropology Major & Minor

The anthropology department represents the four major subfields of anthropology: cultural, linguistic, biological, and archeological. Our global expertise ranges from the Middle East to Latin America, and our topical specializations include human forensics, youth cultures, women in development, food and nutrition, globalization, film, and much more.

Anthropology Courses & Requirements
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Cultural Anthropology Minor

As American society becomes increasingly multicultural, a globalized workforce demands intercultural competence. The Cultural Anthropology minor explores the nature of culture in different settings and historical time periods, helping students to better understand diversity. Cultural Anthropology examines human behavior across cultures, focusing on cross-cultural similarities and differences in areas such as kinship, politics, economics, religion, youth culture, globalization, and gender. Coursework draws on professors’ expertise in Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa, Africa, and Asia.

Cultural Anthropology Courses & Requirements
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