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Annie Russell Theatre

Support The Annie

Make an investment in tomorrow's artists today.

Your contribution allows us to provide the highest quality experiences for our young artists. To discuss your gift, call (407) 646-2253.

Tomorrow's Artists

Your contribution allows us to provide the highest quality experiences for our young artists. To discuss your gift, call (407) 646-2253.


Tuition revenue and ticket sales provide only a portion of our annual budget. We depend on our generous donors to offer the highest quality productions, classroom spaces and equipment, and experiences for our emerging artists.

Ways to Give

If you are interested in making a gift to the Department of Theatre and Dance, contact Chelsea Hilend, Assoc. Director of Theatre, at (407) 646-2253. There are many ways to help:

  • Consider a financial contribution to our Friends of Theatre and Dance fund. For your convenience, visit our online giving page. Please note that Friends of Theatre and Dance is already selected for your gift designation. 
  • Join the Annie Russell Theatre Guild, formed in 1998 to promote and support the Annie Russell Theatre and the students of the Department of Theatre and Dance. The Guild connects with our students through such traditions as the Closing Day Picnic and the annual Alpha Psi Omega dinner, as well as through grant-making and marketing activities.
  • Organize a group to see a show at the Annie. One of the most effective ways to make a difference is to fill Annie's house with enthusiastic theatre-goers!

Our Donors

The Annie itself was a gift from a dear friend to its namesake. That spirit of giving is carried on by our generous donors.

Angel ($10,000+)
Sally K. Albrecht '76
Annie Russell Theatre Guild
The Flaumenhaft Family
Martha M. Lacy '77MSM in memory of William and Marian Lacy

Director ($1,000+)
Joseph A. Adams '82
Bradley & Dorla Bell P'23
Bonnie ’84 & Van Church, in loving memory of Dorothy Martin & Rispa Church
Daniel Dodson
Seth A. Fonti '02
Tina Georgoulakos
Pete & Sandi Goldish
The Rotary Club of Winter Park
Christopher Sagastizabal '83

Designer ($500+)
Michele Adsit
Cary C. Fuller '65
Caroline Sandlin Fullerton ‘40
Stanley M. & Mahalie A. Fulton P'23
Robert K. Opsahl
Ronald T. Hirsch & Betty L. Reid '87MBA
Thomas Ouellette and Richard Russell
Patrick A. Tovatt
David V. Patrick '77 & Thomas E. Tryon
Tess Wise

Lead Actor ($250+)
Alexander D. '73 & Jennifer A. Calder
Thomas R. & Valerie Nifosi '80 Daniel
Steven & Elaine Hale
Denise and Michael Kline, in honor of Kelsey Kline
Donna M. Miller

Ensemble ($100+)
Michele Banik-Rake
Paul R. & Susan Diggans '83 Barbey
Russell M., Jr. & Gail Pattison '69 Blackmer P'94
Russell M. Blackmer, III '94
Dennis J. Cole, Jr.
Michael L. Levitan P'15 & Mary J. Davis '73 P'15
Carol & Christopher F. Gibson
Margaret Gorham
Quentin L. Green, II '86
Laura L. Haynes '85
Linda J. & Larry Heinl
John A. & Mary Jo Kroes
Patty Murray
Patrick W. Norris '85
Greg & Claudia P. Nunn '88 '06MHR
Douglas G. & Jeanann Glassford '79 Power
Shawn Ray
John A. Richards '86
John R. Ingram & Barbara J. Sills
Peter J. & Ann Marie Stewart P'22 P'22
Drs. Stan K. & Shari Sujka
Eugene C., II '65 & Barbara C. Sullivan
Craig & Margaret Elias '91 Sweeterman
Bruno Vanoudenhove & Catherine Hillinger-Vanoudenhove '83

Cameo ($10+)
Lorane Arnold
Dean Bosnak
Randall S. Brown
Karen G. Buchan '76
John W. & Catherine Casselberry '80 Cox
Michelle Franklin '97
Thomas E. Glenn
Carol L. Gort '97
Maxwell M. '10 & Chelsea D. Hilend '10 '17MBA
Madison K. Holland ‘20
Mary Holloway
Karla K. Knight
Alexander C. Knobloch
Yen-Yen Kressel
Kyle S. '00MBA & Vicki H. Meyer
Patricia R. Moser '15MA
Patricia A. Nurkiewicz '94
Craig Opsahl
John M. & Cheryl Anne V. Perry
Ron & Judith Phillips
Michael Porco '95
Kathryn E. Reese
Frankie Servetti-Coleman
Sara Shibles
Janel H. Stover '92
Ronald D. & Lynda B. Strickler
Jay & Cecilia Tyne
Donna Smathers Walker '94
Nancy C. Weinsier
Sheri M. & Frank C. Wilcox P'21