Africa & African-American Studies

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Informed Understanding

Informed Understanding

Students attend a discussion around the advancement of African Americans since the Civil Rights Movement led by AAAS faculty Julian Chambliss and Claire Strom.

Africa & African-American Studies Minor

Africana Studies, Afro-American Studies, Black Studies, Pan-African Studies and African-American Studies are all descriptors for academic and intellectual endeavors that developed in response to the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s. 

The AAAS program has benefited from anthropology, English, history, music, philosophy and other departments providing courses that stress an interdisciplinary perspective.  Designed to give undergraduate students exposure to African and African-American culture through a liberal art approach, the AAAS program also promotes a campus climate whereby students can reflect and discuss ongoing issues related to race and ethnicity from a position of informed understanding. 

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