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Test Score Waived Option (TSWO)

Learn more about the Test Score Waived Option (TSWO), which allows candidates to be considered for admission without submitting SAT or ACT scores.

About the Test Score Waived Option

Rollins College is a selective college that offers candidates the opportunity to be considered for admission without submitting SAT or ACT scores. We have been a proud Test Score Optional school since 2008. Each year, approximately 25 percent of the applicant pool selects TSWO. Candidates selecting this option are evaluated based on individual academic achievement, creativity, and leadership.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know if I should select TSWO?

A: TSWO is designed for students who perform well in the classroom but whose academic strength is not reflected in their standardized test scores. We recommend the test score waived option for students who fit the profile described below:

  • A-/B+ GPA
  • Lower than 1140 on the SAT (Critical Reading and Math ONLY)
  • Lower than 23 on the ACT

Q: Can I be homeschooled and apply TSWO?

A: Yes, students who are homeschooled can apply TSWO.

Q: How is a TSWO applicant evaluated during the admission process compared to a Test Score applicant?

A: Students applying TSWO are evaluated similarly to those who apply using their test scores. TSWO applicants are not at any disadvantage compared to Test Score applicants.

Q: If I apply through TSWO, am I eligible for financial aid?

A: Yes, you can still apply for need-based financial aid. In addition, academic-based scholarships are available to all high-achieving, motivated students. Students who apply through TSWO are also eligible for the Alfond Scholars Program, our prestigious full tuition scholarship that is awarded to 10 students annually.

Q: If I apply through TSWO, am I eligible for the 3/2 Accelerated Management Program or the Honors Degree Program?

A: Yes, TSWO applicants are eligible for both the 3/2 Accelerated Management Program and the Honors Degree Program.

Q: How do I let the Admission Office know that I would like to apply using TSWO?

A: On your Rollins application there is a question that asks if you would like to apply TSWO. If you would, check the “yes” box. If you are applying through the Common Application, this will be found on the member screen.

Q: What if I already submitted my test scores but I now want to apply TSWO?

A: We will automatically erase your test scores from our files if you choose to apply TSWO on your application.

Q: Can I change my mind?

A: If you have already applied to Rollins and would like to change to either the test score waived option or to the test score option, please contact your admission counselor. As long as the application deadline hasn’t passed, we will be able to make the change. If the deadline has passed, speak with your admission counselor. Click here to locate your counselor.

Q. If I apply TSWO do I ever have to send my test scores?

A. During the summer, enrolling TSWO students are asked to send their scores confidentially to the Dean of Admission and AVP of Enrollment for the purpose of ongoing research about the relationship between test scores and academic performance. These scores are never included in the student's official college record and, in fact, after the collection process the names of students are separated from test scores. To make the research meaningful, enrolling students are strongly encouraged to send their scores upon request.