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Application Guide

Whether you’re a high school senior, transfer student, or international applicant, we make it easy to apply to Rollins.

What Kind of Applicant Are You?

While all Rollins applicants are held to the same high standards, application requirements and deadlines are different for first-year (high school seniors) applicants, international applicants, and transfer applicants. As a result, your first step is to pick the guide that applies to you.

First-Year Applicants

Application requirements, deadlines, and options for first-year applicants
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Transfer Applicants

Application requirements and deadlines and frequently asked questions specific to students transferring to Rollins.
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International Applicants

From requirements and deadlines to international student services, everything you need to know about applying to Rollins as an international student.
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Spring Applicants

Application requirements and deadlines specific to first-year and transfer students interested in enrolling in Rollins’ spring class.
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