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Accessibility Services

Additional Support Services

Organizational Strategies Appointments

Many students experience difficulty at some point in their academic career with time management, organization, study skills, and knowledge of available resources. Accessibility Services provides the opportunity for all students to meet with an Organizational Strategies Mentor. The consultant can assess how a student needs to improve organizationally and provide the tools to help students gain necessary skills to succeed academically. Organizational Strategies Consulting can be especially helpful for first-year students who are transitioning into a college setting. Any student with accommodations can make an appointment with our Organizational Strategies Mentor through the appointments tab in "Accommodate."

Tutoring and Writing Center

The Tutoring and Writing Center is committed to providing a space and resources that are accessible and inclusive of students with disabilities. The TWC staff and tutors are able to adjust their approaches in order to help you learn best. Some examples of tutoring accommodations that may be helpful for students with disabilities are: relocating from the Lakeview Lounge area to a quieter space, using talk-to-text or text-to-talk software, using your Livescribe pen or other recording device, welcoming service animals, and more! Tutors will also be able to recommend additional resources such as helpful technologies, other academic and student support resources on campus. Students with accommodations can make note of any accommodations or special requests in their appointment report form when making appointments with tutors or writing consultants! For more information about the Tutoring and Writing Center, visit

Wellness Center

The Wellness Center offers a variety of counseling and health services for students such as confidential counseling and urgent intervention on an as-needed basis, as well as consultation and referral services covering a variety of issues that may interfere a student’s academic and holistic well-being. The Wellness Center also provides physical health services including routine physical exams, medical consultations, flu vaccinations, STI testing and sexual and reproductive health education and resources. The goal of the Wellness Center is to create a healthier way of life for students by promoting, educating, and providing services related to the Nine Dimensions of Wellness. The Wellness Center is open 8:30-5 p.m. Monday-Friday, and 24-hour counselors are on call at (833) 848-1761. Be sure to follow the Wellness Center campus outreach on Instagram @rollinswellness and check out their website at

Student and Family Care

The Office of Student and Family Care serves as a safe setting to listen to student and parent concerns related to navigating college life. The office is a resource for families, faculty, and staff in supporting students in a holistic way using the Nine Dimensions of Wellness: physical, emotional, social, occupational, creative, intellectual, spiritual, environmental, and financial. To learn more about the Office of Student and Family Care, visit

Center for Career and Life Planning

The Center for Career & Life Planning oversees career development, academic internships, and student employment for the Rollins community: serving students, alumni, staff, faculty, parents, and employers. The Office of Accessibility Services has partnered with the Center for Career & Life Planning to support our students with disabilities as they transition to the world of work! To learn more about transition to the workforce, disclosure and workplace accommodations, students can make a career counseling appointment with the Center for Career and Life Planning. To learn more about everything the Center has to offer, visit