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Accessibility Services

Other Programs and Resources

We encourage all of our community members to get involved with Accessibility Services, whether you are a student with a disability or an ally! Here are some of the ways to engage with our office!

Rollins Collar Scholars

Rollins Collar Scholars is an organization of students passionate about the role of service animals both at Rollins College and the community at large. They are dedicated to helping serve organizations within the community that provide service animals to those who need them, including Canine Companions for Independence. To do this, Rollins Collar Scholars will dedicate their time to learning about these organizations in detail, fundraise for them, and volunteering in several ways, including students taking part in the puppy-raising program. If you are interested in joining this organization, be sure to join our group on GetInvolved!

Disability Alliance

The Disability Alliance is a student group that allows students with disabilities to build community with one another and with allies! This organization’s hope is to educate each other as well as the campus community on those with disabilities and the importance of accessibility. It is always accepting new members and they can’t wait to meet you! Join the group on GetInvolved!

Access Ally Workshop

Our Access Ally workshop is designed to increase awareness, knowledge, and empathy toward the experiences of college students with disabilities. It explores topics such as stigma, language choices, social vs. medical model of disability, and universal design. We can tailor the length and content of the presentation based on the needs of your group. If you are interested in having us present this workshop to your class or organization, please contact us at

Planning Accessible Events

Visit our Planning an Accessible Event page for details on how to make your events accessible!