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Accessibility Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my disability information confidential? Yes. The documentation you provide remains with the Accessibility Services Office. It is only released to campus officials in relevant, educationally necessary situations. Faculty will not be notified of a student's diagnosis unless the student makes a written request that the office do so. Academic accommodations are not indicated in any way on college transcripts. 

I am a new student, when should I complete my accommodation request form? You will be able to complete the Accommodation Request Form as soon as you have access to Foxlink with your Fox ID and Password. Once you are able to complete that form, you will be contacted to set up a welcome meeting. If you do not have your Fox ID and Password yet, you are more than welcome to contact us to discuss our accommodations process and to learn more about our program.

I do not have documentation, where can I get tested for a disability? This depends on the nature of your disability. If you suspect you have a learning disability or psychiatric disability, you should make an appointment with a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist who performs psychological evaluations. If you have a physical disability you should obtain a medical report from your treating physician. See Documentation Guidelines for more information.

I have documentation from high school, can I use this for Rollins? Yes, as long as the documentation meets the specific documentation guidelines. IEP and 504 Plans, if available, should be submitted along with diagnostic medical documentation.

I have never been diagnosed before. Can the Wellness Center at Rollins provide this documentation? The Wellness Center is an excellent resource for students in need of mental health counseling and minor medical treatment. While students are encouraged to utilize these services, they do not provide definitive diagnoses, which are required by our office. Students who have never been diagnosed before or need updated documentation can discuss community resources with the Wellness Center for appropriate referrals.