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Accessibility Services

Getting Connected

1. Complete the Accommodation Request Form

Use your Fox ID and Passwork to login to Foxlink. On the Student Life tab under Accessibility Services, click on the Accommodation Request Form. This form will help identify specific accommodation needs and provides a place to upload medical documentation (See Documentation Guidelines below) to our secure student management system, "Accommodate."

* If you're an incoming student requesting a housing accomodation, contact to receive the Housing Accomodation Survey.

2. Schedule a Meeting

Once you've finished the Accommodation Request Form, we will contact you to schedule a meeting to discuss your accommodation request. We call this initial conversation the student’s “Welcome Meeting.” During this meeting, we will discuss the impact of the student’s disability on their academics or co-curricular activities and what elements of the learning environments are inaccessible. Other important pieces of information to share during the Welcome Meeting include explaining one's experience, identifying accommodations that were helpful or unhelpful in the past, the current impact of medication and health treatments, current academic standing/concerns, and any other relevant  information. Each student will be evaluated on an individual basis, and accommodations are not one-size-fits-all.

3. Semester Request

Students will make a "Semester Request" on "Accommodate," indicating which approved accommodations they will be using in each course. Semester requests must be made each semester they wish to utilize accommodations. This is generally done at the beginning of each term. Though students will receive reminders to complete their Semester Requests, it is ultimately their responsibility to do so in order to initiate the accommodation process each semester.

4. Accommodation Letter

Students and their faculty will be emailed an Accommodation Letter, which explains which specific accommodations are approved for the student in their classes. Students will received instructions on how to use "Accommodate" to coordinate their accommodations, including scheduling tests or viewing notes, if applicable. 

Accessibility Services staff are available throughout the semester for consultation at any time if accommodation needs change or need to be adjusted. 

Documentation Guidelines

Medical documentation is necessary in most cases to identify a disability and approve reasonable accommodations under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. The type and amount of documentation required will depend on the individual situation and specific requests made.  

All documentation should be uploaded directly to the First Time Users form (on the home page) at the bottom as an attachment. 

Medical documentation should include the following information:

  1. Diagnosis 
  2. Length of time treated or how long the condition is expected to last (Though we do not set a limit on the age of the documentation, it must still be accurate and relevant to the student’s current health situation.)
  3. The impact of the diagnosis on the student in the academic environment
  4. Suggestions for reasonable accommodations (Reasonable Accommodations are ultimately determined by Accessibility Services)
  5. Signature of licensed, treating physician, therapist, or other health provider qualified to diagnose the disability

IEP/504 Plans contain valuable historical information about accommodations in K-12, and we encourage that they are included. However, most of these plans do not include diagnostic information, and we may, therefore, request additional documentation from the treating health care provider.

All accommodation requests are considered through a deliberative process that includes an individualized assessment. We recognize the value of the student's experience and their perspective and therefore work collaboratively to develop an accommodation plan together.

Our office follows the national guidance of our professional organization, The Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD), regarding documentation requirements. For more information on this guidance, click HERE.

Health Care Provider Forms

Accessibility Services recommends that the Health Care Provider forms (below) be submitted along with all relevant and up to date documentation to expedite the accommodation review and approval process. The form is not required for accommodation request or approval, and accommodation requests submitted without the form will be reviewed. Accessibility Services retains the right to request additional documentation including the form to properly evaluate reasonable accommodations.