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Accessibility Services

Study Abroad Accommodations

Rollins College is committed to supporting students with disabilities in all aspects of their college experience and encourages students to explore studying abroad. Although many countries are becoming more aware of student needs for accommodations and/or disabilities, not all countries have similar laws and accessible infrastructure and services. Consequently, requests which may be reasonable in a domestic context may not be reasonable in the international context in light of available resources. When studying abroad, students should:

  • Research possible accommodations in other countries, such as accessible housing, public transportation, assistive technology, admission of service animals, etc.
  • Visit the abroad institution's website for available student services that may be in place.
  • Make sure you have completed the Medical Report to both International Programs and your host institution once you have selected an abroad experience so they are aware of any accommodations or needs you have.
  • Research alternative study abroad options in countries where appropriate accommodations may be more readily available.
  • Inquire with International Programs to connect you to the appropriate on-site staff or office at your host institution before your arrival to discuss options for specific accommodations and needs.

Prior to a student with accommodation's study abroad experience, the Office of Accessibility Services will provide an accommodation letter that can be shared with the faculty at their abroad institution.

If a student with accommodations is considering studying abroad, we recommend that the student meets with the Office of International Programs early on in their process in order to learn more about each abroad experience. More information on the Office of International Programs can be found here: