How many graduate credits can I complete during my senior year?

Students may complete up to 18 total graduate credits with no more than three graduate courses per semester.

How do I know if I have remaining general electives to complete?

The best way to determine your remaining academic requirements is to meet with your faculty advisor and review your course plan. This information is also located in your DegreeWorks.

How much time will I save during my graduate program?

It depends on your chosen graduate program and how many courses you complete during your senior year. Once admitted, you will meet with a graduate student advisor to create an individualized course plan.

If I only have three general electives remaining, do I have to take all 18 credits to be in the Accelerated Master's Degree program?

No, students can take anywhere from one to three graduate courses per semester. This program is designed with flexibility in mind.

What if my undergraduate courses conflict with the graduate courses I need to complete?

Graduate courses are offered in the evening and should not conflict with College of Liberal Arts (CLA) required course times. Professional Advancement students will need to work with their advisor to determine a schedule that completes their degree requirements.

I am currently receiving a merit-based scholarship; will this still apply to my graduate program?

Your merit-based scholarship and current financial aid will only apply to courses taken during your senior year while completing your bachelor's degree.

Once I complete my bachelor's degree, do I need to apply to become a full-time graduate student?

No, if you maintain an overall 3.0 Rollins GPA or higher and earn B grades or higher in graduate-level coursework, you will automatically be accepted into your selected graduate program.

How do I know what graduate courses to register for?

A graduate advisor will assist you in selecting the correct courses and registering for classes after you are admitted.

Can my graduate coursework count toward my major requirements?

No, graduate-level coursework completed during this program cannot count toward major requirements, general education competency, or rFLA requirements.

Can I apply for the Master of Clinical Mental Health Counseling as part of the Accelerated Master's Degree program?

The Master of Clinical Mental Health Counseling program does not participate in the Accelerated Master's Degree program. You are welcome to apply as a traditional graduate student during your senior year. Learn more about the application requirements here.

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