Latin American & Caribbean Studies

As a Latin American and Caribbean studies major at Rollins, you’ll immerse yourself in the diverse cultures, history, languages, natural environment, and political economy of Latin America and the Caribbean and confront the challenges facing this critical region in the 21st century.

Through our interdisciplinary curriculum and hands-on experience in the field, you’ll explore the forces that have shaped Latin America and the Caribbean, learn to think critically about the region and its place in the world, and achieve competence in Spanish, Portuguese, or French. With the personalized support of our expert faculty, you’ll develop a unique expertise on a region with ever-increasing economic and geopolitical significance.

A springboard for careers in everything from business to government, our program is dedicated to developing culturally sensitive, responsible leaders committed to enacting positive social change.

Why Study Latin American & Caribbean Studies at Rollins

  1. Interdisciplinary Approach

    You’ll examine key issues confronting the region from an array of disciplinary angles—from anthropology and political science to economics and environmental studies.

  2. Individualized Attention

    You’ll develop your passions and hone in-demand skill sets with the guidance and mentorship of expert professors in small classroom settings.

  3. International Experience

    Enhance your classroom learning on short field studies to Cuba and Costa Rica and by studying abroad for a semester in Argentina, Chile, or Peru.

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Jane Lombardi ’11

“My LACS coursework, hands-on experience throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, and work with professors who are experts in their field prepared me well for my Fulbright and beyond. Now, as the director of immigration legal services at a local nonprofit in Chicago, I’m able to relate with the community I serve because I’ve spent time in their home countries and because of the language and service skills cultivated through the LACS program.”

Jane Lombardi ’11

Director of Immigrant Justice Partnerships, The Resurrection Project

Rollins Latin American & Caribbean Studies Careers

Rollins Latin American and Caribbean studies majors are making tomorrow happen at some of the world’s most innovative organizations.

  • Jose Fernandez

    Jose Fernandez ’92

    President, Florida Compass Group

  • Jennie Jester

    Jennie Jester ’13

    Senior Commodity Manager, Siemens Gamesa

  • Kajsa N. Whitney

    Kajsa N. Whitney ’13

    Founder & CEO, Kajsa Nikole Co.

  • Samar Shaukat

    Samar Shaukat ’14

    Recruitment Coordinator, Google

  • Enrique Buck

    Enrique Buck ’14

    Analyst, Citibank

  • Robert Burns

    Robert Burns ’18

    Automation Engineer, Avalara

Real World Experience

From internships and community engagement courses to student-faculty collaborative research, Rollins Latin American and Caribbean studies majors hone their skills and expertise in the real world.

  • Mi Familia Vota
  • Hispanic Business Initiative Fund
  • Prospera
  • Mexican Government
  • Univision
Professor and students in a class discussion at a Rollins outdoor classroom

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A Day in the Life of a Rollins Latin American & Caribbean Studies Major

“I chose this major because I am interested in immigration law specifically from Latin America and the Caribbean. I find it necessary to be educated on the history of the region in relation to what is currently happening in those countries and why people migrate.”

Giselle Perez Guzman ’20

Immigration Paralegal, La Raza Community Resource

Beyond the Classroom

Study Abroad Examine conservation and ecotourism in the rainforests of Costa Rica. Explore social awareness and sustainability in Cuba. Study indigenous peoples and globalization in the Peruvian Andes. From semester- and summer-long programs to faculty-led field studies, you’ll immerse yourself in Latin American and Caribbean culture and enhance your classroom learning in the field.

Community Engagement From working with immigrant communities in Central Florida to installing water filtration systems throughout rural areas in the Dominican Republic, you’ll engage some of the world’s most pressing issues in our backyard and around the world.

Campus Connections Present your original research at the Latin American Latinx Studies Symposium, an annual Rollins-hosted conference exploring the region, its culture, and the challenges it faces. Share Latin American and Caribbean culture with your classmates through campus-wide events like Semana LAC and the Hispanic Film Festival. LACS majors have an array of options to apply their knowledge in the real world without leaving America’s most beautiful campus.

Expert Faculty

Our faculty are as passionate about Latin America and the Caribbean as they are about grooming the next generation of global citizens. Whether their expertise lies in anthropology or environmental studies, political science or music, our professors are dedicated to enriching students’ lives inside and outside the classroom.

Latin American & Caribbean Studies Program

Winter Park, FL 32789

Telephone: 407.646.2295

Visit the Department of Latin American & Caribbean Studies Website

Contact Latin American & Caribbean Studies Professors

  • Barry Allen

    Barry Allen, PhD

    Associate Professor of Environmental Studies

    Research interests: Environmental economics, national park policy, sustainable development, and globalization

  • Dexter Boniface

    Dexter Boniface, PhD

    Professor of Political Science

    Research interests: Inter-American relations, Brazilian politics, and democracy promotion efforts in Latin America

  • Shan-Estelle Brown

    Shan-Estelle Brown, PhD

    Associate Professor of Anthropology

    Research interests: Health care and sexuality in Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Gisela Carbonell

    Gisela Carbonell, PhD

    Curator, Cornell Fine Arts Museum

    Research interests: Latin American artists and museum collections

  • Rosana Díaz-Zambrana

    Rosana Díaz-Zambrana, PhD

    Professor of Spanish

    Research interests: Contemporary Latin American and Caribbean popular culture and cinema, particularly horror and experimental genres

  • Stephanie Gonzalez Guittar

    Stephanie Gonzalez Guittar, PhD

    Assistant Professor of Sociology

    Research interests: Latinx social issues, including poverty, homelessness, and gender equality

  • Ashley Kistler

    Ashley Kistler, PhD

    Professor of Anthropology

    Research interests: Cultural, linguistic, and public anthropology, Mesoamerica, Maya culture, gender, cultural revitalization, identity, and immigration

  • Susan Montgomery

    Susan Montgomery, Program Director

    Library space usage

    Research interests: ethnography, and researching Latin America

  • Joshua Savala

    Joshua Savala, PhD

    Assistant Professor of History

    Research interests: Modern Latin America, Peru, Chile, labor and working-class history, social movements

  • Patricia Tomé

    Patricia Tomé, PhD

    Professor of Spanish

    Research interests: 20th- and 21st-century Latin American literature, Cuban and Cuban American literature, gastronomy, and film