As a Jewish Studies minor at Rollins, you’ll investigate the religion, history, and culture of the Jewish people. Along the way, you’ll develop a unique perspective of the Jewish culture’s interactions with the civilizations of the world through an interdisciplinary approach that comes philosophy, religion, art, music, anthropology, and more.

You’ll graduate with a knowledge base that will help you pursue advanced degrees or careers in education, religious studies, international politics, history, foreign languages, social work, public administration, law, or foreign service.

Expert Faculty

The multidisciplinary Jewish Studies Program draws faculty from a range of departments, including religious studies, global languages, English, and more.

Jewish Studies Program

French House, 205
1000 Holt Ave. – 2659
Winter Park, FL 32789

Telephone: 407.646.2176

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  • Yudit Greenberg, PhD

    Yudit Greenberg, PhD

    George D. and Harriet W. Cornell Chair of Religion; Director of Jewish Studies Program

    Research interests: Modern and contemporary Jewish thought; cross-cultural concepts of love, eros, and the body; feminist philosophy and theology; and comparative religion

  • Nancy Decker, PhD

    Nancy Decker, PhD

    Associate Professor of German

    Research interests: German language, literature, cultural history, and questions of colonialism

  • Todd French, PhD

    Todd French, PhD

    Associate Professor of Religion

    Research interests: Early Christianity, Byzantine hagiography, Syriac, Islam, mysticism, gender, poverty, and extremes in religion

  • Susan Lackman, PhD

    Susan Lackman, PhD

    Professor of Music Theory and Composition

    Research interests: Musical composition, criticism, and broadcasting

  • Rachel Newcomb portrait

    Rachel Newcomb, PhD

    Professor of Anthropology

    Research interests: Cultural and applied/public anthropology, Middle East and North Africa, gender, Islam, globalization, immigration, and food studies

  • Maurice O'Sullivan

    Maurice O'Sullivan, PhD

    Professor of English

    Research interests: 18th-century English literature, minority literature, and popular culture

  • Eren Tatari

    Eren Tatari, PhD

    Associate Professor of Political Science

    Research interests: Ethnic and religious minorities in the U.S. and Western Europe, Middle East politics, women in Islam, gender politics, and intersectionality