If you’ve ever been inspired by a piece of literature, a scene from a film, or even a line of dialogue from a TV show, then you already understand the value of an English degree.

As an English major at Rollins, you’ll pursue a deeper understanding of the human condition and explore the creative endeavors of the human imagination. You’ll learn to read critically and write passionately, of course, but you’ll also listen and watch, travel and explore.

Our unique curriculum will help you develop skills to communicate ideas, analyze problems, and synthesize solutions—leaving you better prepared not just to pursue the career you want, but to be continually inspired along the way.

Why Study English at Rollins

  1. Learn in the Real World

    Our faculty-led field studies let you apply what you’re learning in class in the real world—like a week in London exploring contemporary drama or a Southern authors road trip that takes you from O’Connor’s Savannah to Faulkner’s Mississippi.

  2. Develop In-Demand Skills

    Our learning model builds a foundation of portable skills enabling your success in any career field, with an emphasis on close reading, critical thinking, effective communication, and creative and professional writing.

  3. Investigate Across Cultural Texts

    We offer flexibility in the way we investigate texts and culture, including books, films, television, drama, and other media. Studying English at Rollins teaches you to analyze storytelling and cultural practices in a variety of forms.

Interested in Studying English at Rollins?

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Robert Vezina

“Being well read and having the ability to conduct deeper analyses of the world around me has allowed my education to continue—no matter where I am or what I’m doing. In addition, the ability to write coherently—which isn’t as common as it should be—was enormously helpful when applying for law school and has been critical to my success in it.”

Robert Vezina ’12

Associate Attorney, Vinson & Elkins

Rollins English Careers

Rollins English grads are making tomorrow happen at some of the world’s most innovative organizations.

  • Kristen Arnett

    Kristen Arnett ’12

    Author, Mostly Dead Things

  • Michael van den Berg

    Michael van den Berg ’12

    General Counsel, Le Tote

  • Chelsea Jane Cutchens

    Chelsea Jane Cutchens ’13

    Editor, ABRAMS

  • Destiny Reyes

    Destiny Reyes ’17

    JD Candidate, Cornell Law School

  • Eddie Huang

    Eddie Huang ’04

    Author, Fresh Off the Boat and Double Cup Love; Host, Huang’s World

  • Renee Stone

    Renee Stone ’85

    Chief of Staff, Natural Resources Defense Council

Real World Experience

Hone the knowledge and skills you’re developing in the classroom through internships and other professional experiences with some of Orlando’s top organizations.

  • Orlando Weekly
  • Barnies Coffee and Tea
  • Edible Orlando
  • Orlando Style
  • Orlando Ballet
Professor and students in a class discussion at a Rollins outdoor classroom

See for Yourself

Get a feel for Rollins’ unique brand of engaged learning and personalized attention through one of our virtual or in-person visit experiences.

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Popular Courses

A Day in the Life of a Rollins English Major

“I have always been interested in being a writer and knew that the Rollins English major was the right place for me because of the awesome professors and small class sizes. The Rollins English department has taught me so much and has always encouraged my passion.”

Gigi Nappi ’21

Virtual Tour: Outdoor Classroom

Find out what a Rollins classroom is really like by going behind the scenes of one of English professor Jana Mathews’ creative courses in the Orlando Hall outdoor classroom.

Beyond the Classroom

Winter With the Writers Every February, Rollins hosts one of the South’s premier literary festivals with readings and workshops from some of the world’s top contemporary writers, including a pair of National Book Awards finalists. English majors do everything from organize the event to participate in master classes with the writers.

Sigma Tau Delta Members of our English honors society promote literary interest across the campus. In the past, they’ve hosted mystery-themed parties, planned movie screenings, and organized team trivia that pits students against faculty.

Brushing Our student art and literary magazine gives English majors valuable hands-on experience in the field—the chance to write, submit, edit, and publish—and it also serves as one of Rollins’ boldest creative voices.

Keep Exploring

What’s it like to be an English major at Rollins? See for yourself by exploring our game-changing courses and award-winning graduates.

A child from Rollins’ Child Development Center reads the book helped write with a Rollins student.

August 10, 2020

Cool Class: Writing Books for & with Children

This honors course pairs students with preschoolers to explore the fine art of children’s literature—and the takeaways extend far beyond the creative process.

Kristen Arnett ’12

October 30, 2019

Success Story

As a best-selling author and a full-time librarian, Kristen Arnett ’12 is used to digging into a subject and finding her way to something new.

A student creating blog content for Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen on-site at the company’s Park Avenue location.

December 14, 2017

Blogs & Brews

A rare opportunity for first-year students to work with a real-world client delivers big gains on both sides.

Expert Faculty

Our robust English department faculty is equipped with a high number of terminal degrees in the field and a broad range of expertise in both writing and analysis.

Department of English

Bush Science Center
1000 Holt Ave. – 2766
Winter Park, FL 32789

Telephone: 407.646.2666

Fax: 407.628.6309

Visit the Department of English Website

Contact English Professors

  • Vidhu Aggarwal

    Vidhu Aggarwal, PhD

    Professor of English

    Research interests: Contemporary and modernist poetry and poetics, with specialties in visual culture and Anglophone literatures

  • William Boles

    William Boles, PhD

    Professor of English

    Research interests: Drama

  • Victoria Brown

    Victoria Brown, MFA

    Associate Professor of English

    Research interests: Fiction and creative nonfiction, transnational literature with a focus on contemporary Caribbean writers and post-colonial theory

  • Martha Cheng

    Martha Cheng, PhD

    Professor of English

    Research interests: Rhetorical theory, argumentation, visual rhetoric, discourse studies, and professional writing

  • James Driggers

    James Driggers, MFA

    Lecturer of English

    Research interests: Humanities, creative writing

  • Matthew Forsythe

    Matthew Forsythe, PhD

    Assistant Professor of English

    Research interests: Fiction and creative nonfiction, American literature, the wilderness, and the elusive narrator in 20th-century fiction

  • Carol Frost

    Carol Frost, MA

    Professor Emeritus of English

    Research interests: Poetry

  • Ben Hudson

    Ben Hudson, PhD

    Assistant Professor of English

    Research interests: 19th-century British literature, aestheticism, sexuality studies, and the intellectual history of amateurism

  • Jill Jones

    Jill Jones, PhD

    Professor of English

    Research interests: 19th- and 20th-century American literature, African American literature, women writers, and autobiography

  • Lucy Littler

    Lucy Littler, PhD

    Lecturer of English

    20th-century American literature, including American exceptionalism and the meanings of race in contemporary American culture

  • Jana Mathews

    Jana Mathews, PhD

    Associate Professor of English; Co-Director, Pre-Law Advising

    Research interests: Literature and culture of medieval and early modern England, with concentrations in alliterative poetry, legal studies, material culture, and kingship

  • Maurice O'Sullivan

    Maurice O'Sullivan, PhD

    Professor of English

    Research interests: Literature and pedagogy

  • Amy Parziale

    Amy Parziale, PhD

    Visiting Assistant Professor of English

    Research interests: 20th- and 21st-century multi-ethnic American literature; film, visual, and cultural studies; and the representation of trauma, disaster, and diaspora

  • Paul Reich

    Paul Reich, PhD

    Associate Professor of English

    Research interests: Late 19th- and 20th-century American literature, African American literature, the American West, and popular culture

  • Emily Russell

    Emily Russell, PhD

    Associate Professor of English

    Research interests: Medical humanities, disability studies, 20th-century American literature