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Cool Courses

Explore our ever-expanding list of must-take Rollins College classes and go behind the scenes of some of the most interesting college courses you’ll find anywhere.

The Science of Sustenance

Edible experiments are making students rethink their relationship with food.

Cool Class: The Science of Sustenance

Creating the Digital Future

This project-based course goes beyond learning HTML to examine how computer science, the web, and digital media are shaping our society.

Cool Class: Creating the Digital Future

Strategies for Changemakers

This 300-level course is all about learning what it really takes to become, as Gandhi encouraged us to do, the change we want to see in the world.

Cool Class: Strategies for Changemakers


A new RCC course for first-year students culminates with an exhibition at Rollins’ Cornell Fine Arts Museum.

Cool Class: AfroFantastic

Physics for Future Presidents

First-year students jump at the chance to become scientifically literate, learning how things work so they can understand why they’re important.

Cool Class: Physics for Future Presidents

The Science of Superheroes

From the Hulk to Spider-Man, a Rollins College class examines the powers of superheroes.

Cool Class: The Science of Superheroes

American Dreams & Nightmares in 20th-Century Literature

First-year students study how culture and context influence our values, fears, and aspirations.

Cool Class: American Dreams & Nightmares in 20th-Century Literature


First-year students eager to dive into college get a crash course in how the world works and how they can be part of changing the narrative.

Cool Class: Globalization

Incarceration and Inequality

Rollins students examine how well our country actually guarantees equal justice under the law.

Cool Class: Incarceration and Inequality

Job Market Boot Camp

Graduating seniors don their best business attire and get intensive training on how to excel in the global workforce.

Cool Class: Job Market Boot Camp

Systems & Design Thinking for Social Change

A new social entrepreneurship course takes aim at finding lasting solutions to enduring social problems.

Cool Class: Systems & Design Thinking for Social Change

The Global Economy

Students explore the economic relationship between the developed world and developing countries by partnering with a local direct-trade coffee shop.

Course Spotlight: The Global Economy

Winter With the Writers Internship

The festival known for bringing major literary talent to Winter Park has hit its stride this season, and we’re taking a closer look at the interns who are making it all possible.

Cool Class: Winter With the Writers Internship


Students in this core environmental studies course are learning that if you want to save the world, you have to get your hands dirty.

Cool Class: Biosphere

Sports Analytics

Do statistics scare you to death? A new Rollins course uses athletes as an avenue to understand complicated mathematical concepts.

Cool Class: Sports Analytics

Foundations in Sculpture

Connecting with their inner spirit animals, first-year students take a creative, hands-on approach to learning the foundations of a time-honored art form.

Cool Class: Foundations in Sculpture

Teaching Philosophy to Kids

Rollins students are developing unconventional ways to help preschoolers learn critical-thinking skills.

Cool Class: Teaching Philosophy to Kids

Water, Sanitation, and Health in the Dominican Republic

Chemistry professor Pedro Bernal marks 20 years of leading students on trips to the island nation of his birth to provide household water filters.

Cool Class: Water, Sanitation, and Health in the Dominican Republic

Film as Art

Behind the scenes of the Rollins class designed to instill a wider appreciation of films by allowing students to engage with more than 50 features, shorts, and documentaries during the Florida Film Festival.

Cool Class: Film as Art

Zombies, Serial Killers, and Madmen

Getting inside the mind of a murderer isn’t for everyone. But for those who enjoy exploring the macabre, this philosophy class doesn’t disappoint.

Cool Class: Zombies, Serial Killers, and Madmen