Communication Studies

Communication touches every aspect of our lives. Explore what binds us together as a society and defines you as an individual. As a communication studies major at Rollins, you’ll receive valuable, hands-on experience in research, leadership, and team building, capitalizing on opportunities to work with community partners and businesses to produce professional-quality materials that can go right on your resume.

Our graduates have abundant pathways to a variety of fields—health care, fashion, sports, law, social entrepreneurship, organizational leadership, and many others—making their mark in everything from human resources and branding to health policy and public campaign design. Majors begin their studies with courses focusing on broad topics such as relationship building, listening, and public speaking. As they progress in the major, students can pursue specialized skills in critical communication areas such as organizational communication and leadership, public relations, and health communication.

Why Study Communication Studies at Rollins

  1. Professional Experience

    We help you discover valuable internships, develop award-winning campaigns, and graduate with the professional experience you need to confidently launch a productive career.

  2. Student-Faculty Collaboration

    Our students regularly partner with faculty on advanced research projects that often lead to publication in scholarly journals and presentations at conferences across the globe.

  3. Community Connections

    You’ll work closely with a range of partners in places as varied as nursing homes, playgrounds, and chambers of commerce.

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Kara Russell

“Being on the front lines of major brands’ communication strategies means being both an artist and a scientist—especially in health-care PR. My Rollins communication education prepared me to be both. Rollins taught me skills that transcend industry and allow me to strengthen the universal desire for connection.”

Kara Russell ’15

Account Director, Area 23

Rollins Communication Studies Careers

Rollins communication studies grads are making tomorrow happen at some of the world’s most innovative companies.

  • Meredith Lax

    Meredith Lax ’15 ’16MBA

    Marketing Manager, AdventHealth

  • Phillip Denizard

    Phillip Denizard ’16

    Planner & Allocator, Alexander McQueen

  • Julia Clancy

    Julia Clancy ’15

    Senior Producer, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

  • Lyndsey Lang

    Lyndsey Lang ’14

    Chief Strategy Officer, Stax

  • Ann Marie Varga

    Ann Marie Varga APR ’82 ’12MHR

    Manager of Internal Communications, AdventHealth

  • Deanna Loew

    Deanna Loew ’17

    CEO, Identity PR Orlando

Real World Experience

Hone the knowledge and skills you’re developing in the classroom through internships at local, national, and international organizations.

  • The Golf Channel
  • Advent Health
  • Universal
  • The Walt Disney Company
  • iHeart Radio
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Orlando Magic
  • Orlando City
Professor and students in a class discussion at a Rollins outdoor classroom

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A Day in the Life of a Rollins Communication Studies Major

“My Rollins and communication studies experience has taught me how to effectively communicate with people from different backgrounds. By embracing diversity I become a global citizen and responsible leader, which will ultimately help me better relate to people I work with in the future.”

Tianna-Marie Rosser '20

Beyond the Classroom

Study Abroad From England and Australia to Italy and Hong Kong, Rollins offers communication majors an array of study-abroad experiences all over the globe. Earn credit toward your major while you explore the world and grow as a global citizen.

Community Engagement Form meaningful connections, give back to your community, consult on projects for local businesses, and learn how to make the world brighter—all while building a resume that makes you stand out from the crowd.

PR in Practice Meet and work with some of the brightest public relations professionals in the Orlando metro area, as well as a national network of practitioners, by joining Rollins’ chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America.

Expert Faculty

Our mission is to produce well-rounded communicators who are capable of speaking and listening effectively, thinking critically, and writing clearly.

Department of Communication

Winter Park, FL 32789

Telephone: 407.646.2337

Visit the Department of Communication Website

Contact Communication Studies Professors

  • Rick Bommelje

    Rick Bommelje, EdD, EdS

    Professor of Communication

    Research interests: Listening and leadership behaviors, and adult education

  • Mattea Garcia

    Mattea Garcia, PhD

    Associate Professor of Communication

    Research interests: Professional identity, institutional work, organizational rhetoric, and workplace incivility

  • Joshua Hammonds

    Joshua Hammonds, PhD

    Associate Professor of Communication

    Research interests: Interpersonal communication, privacy management and deception, and small group dynamics

  • Hesham Mesbah

    Hesham Mesbah, PhD

    Associate Professor of Communication

    Research interests: News media, mass communication, public opinion, social openness, and perception of globalization

  • John Morrison

    John Morrison, PhD

    Lecturer of Communication

    Research interests: Social research, factor analysis, and scale design

  • David Painter

    David Painter, PhD

    Associate Professor of Communication

    Research interests: Organizational public relations, political communication, political campaigns, and social media engagement

  • Sarah Parsloe

    Sarah Parsloe, PhD

    Assistant Professor of Communication

    Research interests: Health and disability identities, biosocial communities, advocacy and activism, and social media

  • Anne M. Stone

    Anne M. Stone, PhD

    Associate Professor of Communication

    Research interests: Health and relationships