Learn more about the undergraduate physics degree program at Rollins College.
Real-World Research

Real-World Research

Through Rollins’ Student-Faculty Collaborative Research Program, physics majors partner with professors on original research—an opportunity typically reserved for grad school.

Why Study Physics at Rollins

It’s a common question from parents: What would my son or daughter do with a physics degree? If it’s a physics degree from Rollins, the answer is easy: You can do anything.

Graduates from the program are now lawyers, professors, bankers, programmers, and business owners. In fact, a lot of students enter the physics major through the back door, with interests in photography or cosmetics or earthquakes or music. Then they discover through exciting lab work that physics can be applied to any interest.

Students work together with instructors to think analytically, solve problems, and to write and present—skills that will set you apart in any field.

A Relational Approach From day one, the faculty takes a personal interest in you. It’s a tight-knit group, so every student feels comfortable asking questions and then working with a professor to find answers.

Research-Grade Equipment An acoustical lab. An optics lab. An atomic-force microscope. Lasers and high-speed cameras. Undergrads learn to set up professional gear from scratch and use it instead of merely observing.

Empowerment for Success Most colleges offer research experience, but at Rollins you can start lab work after your first year. The goal is not for professors to publish findings and present them—it’s for you to do it.

Popular Courses

When a professor is honest enough to say “I don’t know,” it becomes the impetus to study anything from pianos to planets. It might even become a new stand-alone class.
  • WCC 100 Science in the Art of da Vinci
  • PHY 115 The Physics of Music
  • MM 200 The Science of Superheroes
  • PHY 325 Computational Physics
  • PHY 412 Experimental Optics
  • PHY 451 Quantum Physics

Beyond the Classroom

NSF Undergraduate Research Experience A competitive program supported by the National Science Foundation allows students to prepare research findings to be published and presented at national conferences.

Pre-Engineering Program Rollins provides students with the opportunity to combine a three-year program in the liberal arts with two years of professional academic work in engineering at one of three prestigious institutions: Washington University, Case Western Reserve, or Auburn.

Student-Faculty Collaborative Research Program Work with a professor on your research for a summer, continue it through the school year, and then present to an audience of PhDs at a major national or international conference—a rare opportunity for undergraduates.

Major and Minor Requirements

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