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Philosophy is a discipline with ancient roots and endless applications in our rapidly evolving world. As a philosophy major at Rollins, you’ll explore the ideas of history’s greatest thinkers—from Plato and Aristotle to Descartes and Nietzsche—and engage enduring questions about existence, knowledge, truth, and ethics.

Along the way, you’ll learn to apply logic, challenge assumptions, and examine what’s beneath the surface. You’ll develop the ability to reason effectively, communicate persuasively, and think critically, creatively, and ethically. And while reflecting on big questions, you’ll gain self-awareness and empathy that enrich your entire life.

Philosophy is an ideal springboard for graduate programs and professional schools as well as a wide range of careers in everything from law and public policy to business and banking.

Why Study Philosophy at Rollins

Faculty Mentorship

Whether reading Aristotle in ancient Greek or publishing research on the father of existentialism, you’ll benefit from close connections with your professors.

Linguistic Opportunities

What sets Rollins apart from other philosophy programs is an emphasis on language. You’ll experience the nuance of texts in the original Greek, Sanskrit, Latin, Hebrew, and Syriac.

Renowned Debate Program

As a member of our national champion debate team, you’ll not only compete around the world but also hone your rhetorical prowess and presentation skills, gaining valuable training for law school and other graduate programs.

Interested in Studying Philosophy at Rollins?

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“Rollins’ philosophy classes taught me to critically evaluate discussions around key intellectual and social issues in our world. These skills are invaluable for my intended career path in law and political philosophy. Moreover, the dedication of the professors to their students’ success simply cannot be overstated.”

Kolten Ellis ’16

JD Candidate, Washington University School of Law

Rollins Philosophy Careers

Rollins philosophy grads are making tomorrow happen at some of the world’s most innovative companies.

Kate Barnekow ’15

Clinical Fellow, Animal Law & Policy Group, Harvard Law School

Julia Boguslawski ’01 ’03MBA

Chief Marketing Officer, American Gaming Systems

Nick Dolce ’05

Supervising Attorney, Department of Children and Families

Chad E. Harris ’00

Assistant General Counsel, American Federation of Government Employees, AFL-CIO

Jonathan Titone ’99

Global Market Consultant, Northern Trust Corporation

Mitch Verboncoeur ’14

Associate Attorney, McKool Smith

Real World Experience

From community engagement courses to internships and research, philosophy students hone their skills in the real world.

Florida Bar Association
Equality Florida
Hope CommUnity Center
U.S. House of Representatives
Planned Parenthood
Florida House of Representatives

Popular Courses

You’ll begin your major by engaging with the ideas of great thinkers, from Plato to Nietzsche. The program continues with a strong focus on ethics and a range of electives based on your interests.

PHI 223
Introduction to Formal Logic

Learn the principles and symbols that undergird formal logic and build skills like deductive reasoning that will be essential for the rest of your career.

PHI 215
Social and Political Philosophy

What are the moral grounds for freedom? Who defines the rights of individuals? What is the nature of property? Explore how classical and contemporary thinkers have answered these essential questions.

PHI 290
Medical Ethics

Grapple with moral problems of health-care and medical technology, such as abortion, euthanasia, treatment of newborns with disabilities, genetic screening, and human experiments.

PHI 348
Philosophy of Mind

Connect the dots between philosophy and psychology, and investigate the relationship between mind and body, the nature of consciousness, and how we perceive the world.

PHI 311
Philosophy of Science

While unpacking the assumptions, methods, and concepts of natural sciences, you’ll question ideas of truth and progress. You’ll also explore how the scientific account of the world relates to daily life.

PHI 242
Zombies, Serial Killers, and Madmen

Can we hold irrational people responsible for their actions? What should we do with those who commit horrible crimes? Inspired by pop culture, you’ll investigate eerie phenomena to answer critical questions like these.

A Day in the Life of a Rollins Philosophy Major

“To me, philosophy cultivates critical-thinking skills, exposes learners to different ways of knowing, and has the potential to fundamentally shift your worldview to critique systems of oppression and legitimate voices of those most marginalized. In my opinion, these skills are absolutely essential to the transformative change for which our global community aches.”

Caitlin Robison '20

Beyond the Classroom

Debate Team Hone everything from reasoning to rhetorical skills as a member of Rollins’ top-ranked debate team, which boasts numerous first-place finishes at the state, national, and international levels. In addition to participating in competitions all over the globe, the debate team also hosts international teams for an annual event, The Great Debate.

Philosophy and Religion Club This popular forum brings you together with faculty, visiting experts, and other students for dialectical conversation. A speaker introduces a theme, provides background, and then opens a lively discussion.

Study Abroad From Israel and Italy to Greece and Ghana, Rollins philosophy majors can explore the world and refine their cultural fluency and communication skills through dozens of faculty-led field studies and semester-long study abroad programs.

Expert Faculty

All of our philosophy faculty hold terminal degrees in the field and boast expertise in a broad spectrum of specializations. Our expert professors are also dedicated mentors who elevate learning through personalized attention inside and outside the classroom.

Department of Philosophy & Religion
French House
1000 Holt Ave. – 2773
Winter Park, FL 32789
T. 407.646.2139

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