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Learn more about the mathematics degree program at Rollins College.

Why Study Mathematics at Rollins

The mathematics program at Rollins goes far beyond working with formulas and numbers. It stimulates curiosity and emphasizes deductive reasoning, creative problem solving, and the clear and precise articulation of results. As you advance in the major, you’ll acquire a suite of in-demand skills, including making critical observations, understanding concrete and abstract problems, extracting patterns, and creating mathematical models.

A Versatile Degree A major or minor in mathematics complements a range of disciplines, from business and economics to computer science and education. Rollins math majors also pursue pre-professional programs in engineering, health, and law.

Student-Faculty Collaboration Work with a professor for eight weeks on research that targets your career interests or strengthens your resume for graduate school— and get paid. Recent research topics include marketing, risk management, alcohol addiction, and modeling public opinion.

Career Options Studying math at Rollins prepares you for an array of exciting opportunities. Many math majors are recruited for internships and research projects early in their college careers. Our graduates are thriving in array of fields—from engineering and education to finance and government.

Popular Courses

  • MAT 201 Coding Theory
  • MAT 301 Non-Euclidean Geometry
  • MAT 305 Differential Equations
  • MAT 330 Proof and Abstraction
  • MAT 340 Models and Algorithms in Graph Theory
  • MAT 350 Actuarial Mathematics
  • MAT 419 Operations Research
  • Music and Mathematics
  • RCC 100 Strength and Beauty in Mathematics

Beyond the Classroom

Community Engagement Outreach What do math and community engagement have to do with one another? At Rollins, a lot. Math majors work with elementary school children in underprivileged communities, study childhood obesity at Rollins’ Child Development & Student Research Center, and help create a more diverse and inclusive community of student mathematicians by participating in a local math festival. Through opportunities like these, you’ll help make our communities brighter while honing your communication, research, and problem-solving skills.

Research Experiences for Undergraduates Math majors at Rollins can apply to do research with
faculty at other universities on topics like statistics, math science, and gerrymandering. The experience often paves the way for postgraduate studies.

Contact Info

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