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A mathematics student and professor write on a clear whiteboard.

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The mathematics program at Rollins goes far beyond working with formulas and numbers. It stimulates curiosity and emphasizes deductive reasoning, creative problem solving, and the clear and precise articulation of results.

As you advance in the major, you’ll acquire a suite of in-demand skills, including making critical observations, understanding concrete and abstract problems, extracting patterns, and creating mathematical models.

Why Study Mathematics at Rollins

A Versatile Degree

A major or minor in mathematics complements a range of disciplines, from business and economics to computer science and education. Rollins math majors also pursue pre-professional programs in engineering, health, and law.

Student-Faculty Collaboration

Work with a professor for eight weeks on research that targets your career interests or strengthens your resume for graduate school—and get paid. Recent research topics include marketing, risk management, alcohol addiction, and modeling public opinion.

Career Options

Studying math at Rollins prepares you for an array of exciting opportunities. Many math majors are recruited for internships and research projects early in their college careers. Our graduates are thriving in an array of fields—from engineering and education to finance and government.

Interested in Studying Mathematics at Rollins?

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Erik Ander
“Most people will tell you that medicine and sociology have little to do with math, but at Rollins I learned to apply math processes to problem-solving in all types of research—and it helps me immensely in my postgraduate work. I can say that collaborating so closely with faculty taught me more than I could have imagined.”

Erik Henning Ander ’16

MD Candidate, Lewis Katz School of Medicine, Temple University

Rollins Mathematics Careers

Rollins mathematics grads are making tomorrow happen at some of the world’s most innovative companies and prestigious institutions.

Alexandria DeLucia headshot

Alexandria DeLucia ’18

High Performance Computing Researcher, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Rebecca Juntunen headshot

Rebecca Juntunen ’13

Product Analyst, Sentry

Shree Raj Shrestha

Shree Raj Shrestha ’17

Software Development Engineer, Amazon

Grace Soto headshot

Grace Soto ’17

Software Engineer, Lockheed Martin

Raghabendra KC headshot

Raghabendra KC ’13

Assistant Professor of Marketing, Rollins College

Ardent Baxter

Arden Baxter ’18

PhD Candidate, Georgia Institute of Technology

Real World Experience

From community engagement courses to internships and research, mathematics majors hone their skills in the real world.

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Popular Courses

The faculty's personal focus on each student and collaboration with an advisory council comprised of leading industry professionals allows them to continually adjust the mathematics courses to align with leading trends.

MAT 201
Coding Theory

Investigate the means of encoding information in such a way as to be able to detect and correct transmission errors effectively.

A student in a lecture for a coding theory class asks a question.
MAT 305
Differential Equations

Former students say this class connects all kinds of dots going forward because the concepts can be seamlessly applied to research and systems related to fields like engineering, medicine, and business.

MAT 330
Proof and Abstraction

Discover what it’s like to be a mathematician by investigating why a given statement is true or not true, and learn how to present your proof, orally and in writing.

MAT 340
Models and Algorithms in Graph Theory

Apply graphs and models to problem-solving, growing your expertise in both math and computer science.

Students work on a math problem in a Bush science center lab.
MAT 350
Actuarial Mathematics

Explore concepts that can be directly applied to finances. By analyzing the financial cost of risk, you’ll gain an understanding of annuities, interest rates, and other investment vehicles.

Actuarial math students complete graphs on a whiteboard.
MAT 419
Operations Research

Conduct research using probability models and solution methods to dive into real-world problems in all kinds of sectors: science, economics, finance, and management.

A Day in the Life of a Rollins Mathematics Major

“At Rollins, I gained extensive knowledge of problem-solving and analytical skills to solve real-world issues. I learned that I can make a career for myself that is not only challenging and uses my math major but is also impactful in the community.”

Arden Baxter ’18

PhD Candidate in Operations Research, Georgia Institute of Technology

Beyond the Classroom

Community Engagement Outreach What do math and community engagement have to do with one another? At Rollins, a lot. Math majors work with elementary school children in underprivileged communities, study childhood obesity at Rollins’ Child Development & Student Research Center, and help create a more diverse and inclusive community of student mathematicians by participating in a local math festival. Through opportunities like these, you’ll help make our communities brighter while honing your communication, research, and problem-solving skills.

Collaborative Research At Rollins, undergraduates can work side by side with a professor on an original research project through the Student-Faculty Collaborative Scholarship Program. Not only will you conduct real research, but you’ll also have the opportunity to publish your findings and present at a professional conference. Along the way, you’ll develop the kind of experience that is in demand by both employers and grad schools.

Rollins students and young kids play with marble toys together.

Expert Faculty

Each professor in the mathematics major brings a subspecialty like graph theory, network analysis, or mathematical biology to align with specific career paths. This is why students are prepared to thrive in a variety of fields.

Department of Mathematics & Computer Science
Bush Science Center
1000 Holt Ave. – 2743
Winter Park, FL 32789
T. 407.646.2432
F. 407.646.2479

Visit the Department of Mathematics & Computer Science Website

Contact Mathematics Professors

Mark Anderson headshot

Mark Anderson, PhD

Professor of Mathematics

Research interests: Graph theory, preferably on the topological or algebraic side

Zeynep Teymuroglu headshot

Zeynep Teymuroglu, PhD

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Research interests: Mathematical biology, network analysis, and mathematics for social justice

Richard Vitray headshot

Richard Vitray, PhD

Professor of Mathematics

Research interests: Graph theory and inquiry-based learning

Jay Yellen headshot

Jay Yellen, PhD

Professor of Mathematics

Research interests: Graph theory, operations research, and scheduling optimization