International Relations

Learn more about the international relations degree program at Rollins College.
Expert Faculty

Expert Faculty

Rollins’ international relations faculty draws from the departments of anthropology, economics, history, political science, and modern languages and literatures. These experts have significant experience living, teaching, and researching abroad, several as Fulbright Scholars.

Why Study International Relations at Rollins

As an international relations major at Rollins, you’ll investigate some of the world’s most pressing challenges through an interdisciplinary approach that encompasses everything from political science and economics to history, anthropology, and modern languages. Along the way, you’ll develop in-demand analytical, communication, and problem-solving skills that will prepare you for an influential career in a range of fields.

Many Rollins alumni secure high-profile roles in government, diplomacy, Foreign Service, and intelligence. Others leverage their multifaceted skills and expertise in careers in business, journalism, law, and countless other sectors. No matter your specific career path, international relations will help you engage the world with big-picture perspective and understanding.

Interdisciplinary Approach The challenges of the 21st century can’t be solved through a single lens. You’ll grapple with these complex problems through varied disciplines like political science, economics, and anthropology.

Collaborative Research Every Rollins student has the opportunity to partner with our faculty on the kind of advanced research typically reserved for grad school.

Cross-Cultural Experiences Increase your cultural competency and prepare for global impact by becoming fluent in a second language and engaging in an international learning experience.

Popular Courses

Within this multidisciplinary field, you can choose a focus according to your interests.
  • POL 332 International Human Rights
  • ECO 308 European Emerging Markets
  • ANT 365 Real and the Supernatural in Latin America
  • ANT 453 The Brazilian Amazon
  • POL 353 Foreign Policy of the U.S.
  • HIS 375 Aspects of War

Beyond the Classroom

Faculty-Led Field Studies Travel up the Mekong Delta as you explore the history and culture of Vietnam. Traverse the world’s tallest sand dunes while studying conservation management in Namibia. Help build an eco-lodge in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro as you examine community development in Tanzania. You’ll gain global experience under the watchful eye of seasoned faculty through dozens of one-of-a-kind field studies.

Prestigious International Opportunity Our rigorous curriculum prepares international relations majors to compete for elite scholarships and study abroad opportunities. Just ask Karina Barbesino ’19, who spent three semesters studying Mandarin in China through the competitive Boren and Critical Language scholarships.

Get Involved Whether you’re crafting solutions to social issues at our Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship Hub or promoting civic engagement through The Democracy Project, you’ll have multiple opportunities to create change on our campus and in communities around the world.

Major and Minor Requirements

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