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Develop In-Demand Expertise

Develop In-Demand Expertise

Our developmental learning model builds a foundation of skills to serve you long after graduation, with an emphasis on close reading and effective writing.

Why Study English at Rollins

If you’ve ever been inspired by a piece of literature, a scene from a film, or even a line of dialogue from a TV show, then you already understand the value an English degree.

As an English major at Rollins, you’ll pursue a deeper understanding of the human condition and explore the creative endeavors of the human imagination. You’ll learn to read critically and write passionately, of course, but you’ll also listen and watch, travel and explore.

Our unique curriculum will help you develop skills to communicate ideas, analyze problems, and synthesize solutions—leaving you better prepared not just to pursue the career you want, but to be continually inspired along the way.

Writing in the Real World Our faculty-led field studies let you apply what you’re learning in class in the real world—like a Southern authors road trip that takes you from O’Connor’s Savannah to Faulkner’s Mississippi.

Develop In-Demand Skills Rather than focus on survey courses, our developmental learning model builds a foundation of skills to serve you long after graduation, with an emphasis on close reading
and effective writing.

Grow as a Creative Storyteller We offer flexibility in the way we investigate texts, with courses that are not just limited to books, but also explore films, television, and drama. Studying English at Rollins teaches you to analyze storytelling in all its forms.

Popular Courses

Our diverse range of courses and flexible course requirements are designed to foster your creative thinking. You’re encouraged to create an individualized English program that reflects your interests and passions.

  • ENG 241 Before The Hunger Games: Dystopian Literature and Film
  • ENG 367 Food Writing
  • ENG 233 Mean Girls in Literature and Film
  • ENG 307 Immigrants in American Literature and Film
  • ENG 345 Hemlock, Harlots, and Harassment
  • ENG 430 Huck Finn’s Literary Kin

Beyond the Classroom

Sigma Tau Delta Members of our English honors society promote literary interest across the campus. In the past, they’ve hosted mystery-themed parties, planned movie screenings, and organized team trivia that pits students against faculty.

Brushing Our student-run art and literary magazine gives English majors valuable hands-on experience in the field—the chance to write, submit, edit, and publish—and it also serves as one of Rollins’ boldest creative voices.

Winter With the Writers Every February, Rollins hosts one of the South’s premier literary festivals with readings and workshops from some of the world’s top contemporary writers, including a pair of National Book Awards finalists. English majors do everything from organize the event to participate in master classes with the writers.

Major and Minor Requirements

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