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High Tech Meets Hands-On

High Tech Meets Hands-On

At Rollins, you’ll learn by doing, honing your coding expertise through collaborative research, community engagement, and cutting-edge internships—all under the watchful eye of expert faculty.

Why Study Computer Science at Rollins

Studying computer science at Rollins is about far more than learning to code. Sure, you’ll develop expertise in all core areas of computer science, from programming in multiple languages and the fundamental math of computation to the best practices of modern software development.

But at Rollins, you’ll also acquire a suite of 21st-century skills—from critical thinking and creative problem-solving to effective communication and ethical decision making—that will prepare you to lead change in our fast-evolving world.

Along the way, you’ll learn by doing, honing your know-how through collaborative research, community engagement, and cutting-edge internships—all under the watchful eye of expert faculty. You’ll emerge with a powerful collection of competencies that will put you in high demand among the world’s leading tech companies and the country’s most prestigious grad programs.

The Value of Teamwork The stereotype that computer scientists work in isolation is a myth. Rollins professors emphasize collaboration in each class and every project.

Interactive Learning Starting with your first programming course, you’ll grow through doing. Instructors rarely lecture, instead discussing how to use techniques while students literally have their hands on the task.

Fully Prepared for a Career The professors’ mission is to shape your college experience for the career you envision. The evidence is that graduates go directly from Rollins to PhD programs and positions with major tech companies.

Popular Courses

The faculty’s personal focus on each student and collaboration with an advisory council comprised of leading industry professionals allows them to continually adjust the computer science courses to align with leading trends.

  • CMS 270 Object-Oriented Design and Development
  • CMS 380 Simulation Design and Analysis
  • CMS 430 Artificial Intelligence
  • CMS 484 Computer Science Capstone
  • CMS 470 Security
  • CMS 495 Computational Photography

Beyond the Classroom

High-Profile Internships Former Rollins students have blazed a path for future Rollins students at places like Lockheed Martin, NASA, Amazon, Dell, and the Harris Corporation. Mentors at these corporations now actively seek Rollins students.

Study Abroad Rollins instructors groom students to engage in global educational experiences in Germany, Japan, England, Australia, and Spain, among other countries. Professors at universities abroad say Rollins students are among the most capable in their programs.

Summer Research Opportunities Whether through the competitive Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs) funded by the National Science Foundation or on-campus projects through our Student-Faculty Collaborative Scholarship Program, our students have the chance to engage in a variety of high-level research.

Major and Minor Requirements

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