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Communication Studies

Learn more about the communications degree program at Rollins College.
As a student, Deanna Loew ’17 developed an award-winning strategic communication plan for Orlando farm-to-table delivery service Farm & Haus. Today, she’s CEO of Identity PR Orlando.

Real World Ready

As a student, Deanna Loew ’17 developed an award-winning strategic communication plan for Orlando farm-to-table delivery service Farm & Haus. Today, she’s CEO of Identity PR Orlando.

Why Study Communication at Rollins

Communication touches every aspect of our lives. Explore what binds us together as a society and defines you as an individual. As a communication studies major at Rollins, you’ll receive valuable, hands-on experience in research, leadership, and team building, capitalizing on opportunities to work with community partners and businesses to produce professional quality materials that can go right on your resume.

Our graduates have clear pathways into a variety of fields—medical, fashion, sports, media, and many others—making their mark in everything from human resources and branding to health policy and campaign design.

Majors select a concentration in one of three critical areas: organizational communication and leadership, public relations, and health communication.

Professional Experience We help you discover valuable internships, develop award-winning campaigns for local, national, and even international organizations, and graduate with the professional experience you need to confidently launch a productive career.

Student-Faculty Collaboration Our students regularly partner with faculty on advanced research projects that often lead to publication in scholarly journals and presentations at conferences across the globe.

Community Connections You’ll work closely with a range of partners in places as varied as nursing homes, playgrounds, and chambers of commerce.

Popular Courses

Our unique and innovative curriculum offers students an introduction to the field via required courses in topics, theories, and research methods central to communication.

  • COM 302 New Media and Public Relations Explore new media communication practices in public relations and gain hands-on experience developing techniques to produce the highest impact.

  • COM 325 Communication Campaigns Investigate the planning, organization, implementation, and evaluation of various educational, health, political, religious, and commercial campaigns to exert social influence.

  • COM 240 Intercultural Communication Examine the concepts, constructs, theories, and empirical research pertinent to communication within and between cultures, focusing primarily on contexts and relationships.

  • COM 301 Designing Effective Organizations Explore strategic planning, management, organizational effectiveness, and organizational culture relevant to the design of effective organizations.

  • COM 355 Global Health Communication Delve into important issues and key concepts of communication in global health, focusing on determinants of health, the burden of disease, health disparities, risk factors, and communication strategies.

  • COM 230 Listening Investigate the art of listening and its importance in our personal and professional lives and learn to analyze, assess, and improve your own listening abilities.

Beyond the Classroom

Study Abroad From England and Australia to Italy and Hong Kong, Rollins offers communication majors an array of study abroad experiences all over the globe. Earn credit toward your major while you explore the world and grow as a global citizen.

Community Engagement Form meaningful connections, give back to your community, and learn how to make the world brighter—all while building a resume that makes you stand out from the crowd.

PR in Practice Meet and work with some of the brightest PR professionals in the Orlando metro area, as well as a national network of practitioners, by joining Rollins’ chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America.

Alumni Profiles

Fashioning His Future

How Phillip Denizard ’16 turned a simple class project into a career at one of the world’s top fashion brands.

Leap of Faith

Lyndsey Lang ’14 could never have predicted where her first job would take her. Good thing she was prepared for anything.

From ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ to His Own

How James Avery ’04 went from waiting tables to being a chef on reality TV to owning his own restaurant.

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